Welcome to the Batch Purveyor Family!

Batch Purveyors at Meet the Maker in the Batch Nashville store

Welcome to our growing family of artisan, high-quality purveyors! (You're in good company.)

To officially start what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship, please follow the steps below. These important steps will make sure we can order your products and pay you for them. We're excited to share your products and story with our audience!

Step 1: Let's make it legit!

Email a completed W9 form to co-founder and CEO Sam Davidson. A blank W9 form can be downloaded here.

Step 2: Let's make sure you get paid.

Email the completed direct deposit authorization form to co-founder and CEO Sam Davidson. Batch prefers to pay our purveyors via direct deposit because it is the fastest and most efficient method. Because we prefer direct deposit, we will not pay credit card fees. We will pay be check but only for vendors who offer net30 terms.

Step 3: What else you got?

Email your latest line sheet and/or product catalog to Sam, as well as store manager Caroline Espy

Step 4: Spread the love!

Tell your friends! Be sure to let your audience know that you're now selling with Batch on social media and tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Please add us to your stockists' list on your website, as well. 

Step 5: 

Should you need any of Batch's forms (W9, certificate of resell, logos, etc.), click here

 And, a few more reminders:

  • Batch offers new purveyors net30 payment terms via direct deposit. We're a small business, too!
  • Batch receives products at two locations (our retail store and our warehouse). Be sure to pay attention to the purchase order you receive so you know where to send your products.
  • Batch only accepts digital invoices. We can't do paper invoices—bad for the environment and unnecessarily hard to keep track of. One workaround: email a photo of your invoice—just make sure we can read it.
  • We want our customers and store staff to know more about you and your products. Let's get you signed up for a Meet the Maker event at our retail store, please contact store manager Caroline Espy. We want to feature you on our blog and social media, please contact co-founder and CBO Rob Williams