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  • The Must-Have Subscription Box Everyone’s Talking About

  • We love uncovering Nashville’s newest artisanal food producers... Now, we can leave that to Batch Nashville, a group of local entrepreneurs who are scouting, packaging, and shipping Nashville-made items to subscribers every month.

  • You can’t keep this company a secret! It’s something for us all to celebrate.


  • The consistent thread is that every product is sourced from and made in the Nashville area. Batch has been such a hit, it launched a second city in Memphis.

  • I promise that if you are like me, this package will delight you more than any Amazon package ever will.

  • But the current appetite for all things Nashville can't be satisfied with sweets and sour mash alone. Everyone wants a taste — culinary and otherwise. Batch wants to oblige.


  • Monthly boxes of makeup, clothes, pet treats and more are all the rage. But Nashville-based company Batch twists the idea in favor of promoting a city's local artisans.

  • The stuff ranges from biscuit mix to beef jerky to fancy cocktail syrups, but it’s all delicious and beautifully packaged.