Green Heart Project

In Charleston, Batch is proud to partner with The Green Heart Project to help more kids have access to delicious, local food that is better for both them and their community. 

In order to do this, we're making a donation with every Batch Charleston subscription box we mail this year. Our hope? To support the awesome work of this great organization while they do more to reach more children in the Lowcountry. We get food to people. They get food to people. What a match.

Additionally, Batch is offering specialty gift batches that make further donations to support the work of The Green Heart Project. Show your support by purchasing any of the following:

About The Green Heart Project:
The Green Heart Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that looks to cultivate a community of engaged citizens that value their health, their neighbors and the environment through growing, eating and celebrating food. Founded in 2009 at Mitchell Elementary School, a group of inspired volunteers and an open-minded principal looking for alternative ways to educate devised a plan to build an urban garden with a group of 3rd grade students. The garden would serve as an outdoor classroom, providing an opportunity for students to learn about where food came from.

But what initially was an experiment in urban gardening, quickly became much more valuable than what the group had intended. In addition to growing fruits and vegetables, a community was growing. The garden served as an opportunity for volunteer mentorship and connecting people. It served as an outdoor classroom for teaching school curriculum in a hands-on way. And it served as an opportunity to celebrate the handwork, time-shared, and food grown (and eaten!) in the garden.

And it is from this model of volunteer-assisted service learning that the Green Heart Project’s mission and program was founded. 

The Green Heart Project