Employee Appreciation Day is March 5

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Ways to Appreciate Your Employees in 2021

“Happy Work-from-Home-Pandemic-World-Shutdown anniversary!”  

🎉 🎉 🎉

Said no one ever.

This past year has been extremely trying on a lot of fronts for a lot of folks. With the pandemic still raging after one full year and many teams still working remotely from home, we’re all tired. The mid-March 2020 pandemic shutdown one-year anniversary and Employee Appreciation Day are in the same month...Coincidence? Or, opportunity? And, both!

We think you should celebrate and appreciate as much as you can in March 2021. How about taking Employee Appreciation Day (March 5, 2021) and stretching into employee appreciation month! Here are our top three ideas to appreciate your virtual and remote employees all March long.

1. Organize a Snail Mail Card Exchange 📬

Similarly to a Secret Santa, you can organize a snail mail card exchange among your team members. Match up employees to secretly exchange handmade cards, postcards, kids’ artwork–you name it, just make it inexpensive and fun–by USPS. Schedule a virtual team meeting on Zoom or Google Hangouts, and have each employee guess who made their card. Bonus points for most creative entry.

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