These curated gifts are for the exclusive use of the Compass team. Each gift includes insert card, logo-stamped gift box, custom gift wrap, and shipping.

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  • EVO Original Famous Salsa
  • Loveless Cafe Sweet Potato Waffle and Pancake Mix
  • TruBee Honey (5 oz.)
  • Willa's Hot Cheddar Shortbread
  • Daily Crunch Morning Glory Almonds
  • Soberdough Classic Bread Mix
  • Oakley's Southern Delights Sweet and Spicy Pickles
  • Frothy Monkey 12 South Blend Coffee (5 oz.)
  • J.M. Thomason Bourbon BBQ Spice Blend
  • Nashville Heat Two Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Simpson's Nashville Hot Summer Sausage

Sold out
  • Willa's Classic Shortbread Cookies
  • Kernels Country Caramel Popcorn
  • Southern City Flavors Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans
  • Pair of Colts Chocolate Bolt Milk Chocolate

Sold out
  • Southern City Flavors Strawberry Jam
  • Batch Blend Coffee
  • Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix
  • TruBee Honey (5oz.)

Sold out
  • J.M. Thomason Spice Blend - Hot Chicken Blend
  • Hot Sauce Nashville Sauce - Hot Garlic
  • Batch "Hot Chicken" Glass
  • Batch Hot Chicken Towel
  • Willa's Shortbread Cookies - Hot Cheddar (4 oz.)
  • Daily Crunch Nashville Hot Almonds

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