Why I am Giving The Thistle Farms + Batch Bundle

Why I am Giving The Thistle Farms + Batch Bundle

Two holidays. Two gifts. One purchase. 

Why am I so excited?

Over the years, I’ve gotten my parents a slew of personalized gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day and their birthdays: hand-decorated coffee mugs, painted pottery, tatted converse, Build-a-Bears, macaroni photo frames--all of ‘em signed with the finger smudges of her pride and joy (that’s me). These gifts were personal, heartfelt, and beloved. Step aside, Santa. 

While I loved giving these gifts, the well of creativity has run dry. In my short 26 years, I’ve celebrated nearly 54 gift-giving occasions for mom AND for dad, and each time another one approaches, I’m intimidated by the shadow of last year’s unique gift. How can I possibly live up to what I did last year? 

Even more so, each of these gifts shares one trait in common: they’re all STUFF. My dad is always complaining about how much stuff he has. Fifty-four is a lot of treasures to house, over one hundred if you factor both parents living under one roof. Eventually, “stuff” gifts become a burden, no matter how special they are in the moment. 

All that to say, I’ve been forced to confront the drawbacks of my approach to gift giving. It’s a "crisis" that I know I’m incredibly privileged to have. 


So, a gift like the Thistle Farms + Batch Bundle, one that knocks out BOTH Mother’s and Father’s Day—well, I’m jazzed about it. Both boxes support small businesses by featuring quality handmade products. Both boxes feature items they can use, so they enjoy the experience rather than the posterity. Both boxes are one easy purchase so I can save my creative energy for their birthdays (which are both right after these holidays). 

The only drawback is: how will I live up to it next year?