Why Handwritten Gift Notes Matter More Now Than Ever

Why Handwritten Gift Notes Matter More Now Than Ever

It's not just because Covid sucks (even though it totally does). 

Whether you're sending a gift to a business client, a new employee, or an old friend from college, the charm of a handwritten note is back, baby. We're proud to offer custom inserts for larger orders, of course, but for a specific gift to really stick, we still love handwriting gift notes (read more). Here are some reasons why handwritten is "the move" when it comes to making a lasting impression. 


1. Handwritten notes take more time

Put the time in! Actually, we'll do it for you. Putting in a little extra effort on the front end truly stands out in a fast-paced, result-driven world. If you want to show your client that you truly appreciate your business, opt for this personal touch. It'll make much more of an impact than a follow-up email or thank you text, which we all know could be done on the average bathroom break. 

2. Handwritten notes are more personal

With the insane rise of robo-calls, internet bots, and data algorithms in the last 10 years, people appreciate the genuineness of real human connection. Not hUmAN CoNneCTioN. Handwritten notes give your gift a taste of personality and humanity. 


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3. Handwritten notes are more flawed

Even with Brittany's pristine handwriting, handwritten notes are never perfect. And we kind of love that. We love that there's a vulnerability to our handwriting. As a reader, it makes us feel closer to the person who sent the gift, whether that's you personally, or one of us packing the gift by hand. And that gives the gift a little more pathos. 

4. Handwritten notes are more rare

Let's face it. Amazon rolled out the e-gift note back when it was still just an electronic book store. While it's super convenient, it's just not that impressive anymore. Time and time again, our e-commerce customers tell us that the personal touch of handwriting gift notes goes a long way. It's one of the things that helps us stand out as a company, and helps your gift stand out. 

"At a personal level, DMR reports show that the average office worker receives 121 emails a day." - Campaign Monitor, 2019 (two-years ago, and before the pandemic)


5. Handwritten notes are more opened

Maybe this one lends itself more to the entire gift than just the individual note, but the statement still stands. An email blast has roughly a 20% open rate (if you're lucky), and a Batch box with a handwritten note is at 99%. While it takes a lot to get through the hoard of emails vying for your attention, meaningful and tangible gifts get noticed every single time. 

Even though Batch can accommodate orders of all shapes and sizes, for personal and individualized gifts, we're proud to offer handwritten gift notes, at no extra cost. A meaningful gift note needs a meaningful gift, and we have just what you're looking for at batchusa.com.