What We Sent: Batch Subscription Men's Discovery Box May 2017

What We Sent: Batch Subscription Men's Discovery Box May 2017

If you didn't get the most recent Batch Subscription Men's Discovery Box, we're giving you a peek inside, not to make you jealous but to be sure you know why you should order the next one that ships in August.

The Batch Subscription Discovery Box

While we don't promote that our Discovery Boxes have a theme, we always want the items to go together. For the standard Batch Subscription Men's Discovery Box, we selected items that you can enjoy outdoors. The Lynchburg Master Que Mild Sauce is tasty slathered on anything you want to grill from pork to veggies. Chef Hal from Lockeland Table in East Nashville has thrown his hat in the Nashville Hot Chicken spice game. Plenty hot but with nuanced flavor, we recommend it on the bird but also fries, or mixed in the Ranch Dressing. Speaking of hot, it's hard to believe that Ousley's Ouch Hot Salsa is not the hottest flavor in the line of salsas. There are three more degrees of hot salsa but we would have to send a fire extinguisher if we sent those. To cool of your tongue and quench your thirst, mix up a Margarita with White's Spicy Margarita Mix. Yes, it's spicy but, well, why not. Finally, use the TruBee Lip Balm for lips dry from all of this time in the summer sun.

The Batch Subscription Discovery Box (Ships August 2017)

The deluxe version has all of the goodies in the standard plus more treats for the sweet tooth and the bar. We discovered these Wildflower Caramels made with honey lavender deep in the heart of Texas. The perfect ending (or beginning) to a hot summer night. For your bar, we've shipped two Nashville Skyline pint glasses. They work best with craft beer but we won't stop you from filling up with sarsaprilla. For your spicy margarita, you can't beat Walkers Hot Sea Salt Rimmer. It's a match made in spicy heaven—that's between to sweet and saucy heaven. Finally for the bar or kitchen, TruBee's Barrel Aged Honey is sweet and smoky and meant to be enjoyed any way you want.

Don’t miss the next Batch Men’s Discovery Box that ships in August, order one today.