branded business gift sets for new hires

Welcome New Employees with Better Branded Gifts

According to Glassdoor data, it takes an average of 24 days and a cost of $4,000 to hire a new employee.

You probably don't need to improve your recruitment processes, but rather improve your employee engagement and turnover. With that type of investment, it is crucial to make employees feel part of the team during the onboarding process.

One vital aspect of employee engagement is letting them know they can make a difference from day one.

Your onboarding process is more vital than you might think

First impressions count.

Most of us would agree, yet Gallup found that only 12% of employees thought their company did a great job onboarding them.

Why do employees think this?

According to Sapling research and HCI data, 58% of companies said their onboarding program focused on processes and paperwork, which probably says a lot about the low satisfaction rate! On top of this, Sapling also found that the average new hire will complete over 50 activities during their onboarding process.

By any measure, that’s a lot to take in. Starting a new job can be daunting enough as it is!

Additionally research suggests that a great onboarding process can improve productivity by over 70% and retention by 82%! How much time and money would you save if 4 out of 5 employees stayed with your company?

Granted, you'll always have procedural stuff to cover during onboarding. But, you don’t want your new hire to be one of the 20% who wouldn’t recommend their new employer to friends or family members.

So, while we won't tell you how to change the "must-do" stuff (leave that to Toby in HR), we can explain why you should consider welcoming your new employees with branded gifts.

Rolling out the red carpet for new hires

While a new work laptop, cell phone, and maybe even a company car are nice perks, they come with the job.

Gifts go above and beyond your new hire's expectations and immediately strengthens their belief they've made a great decision in coming to work for you. It shows you care about them as an employee and person from day one and that your internal culture is about way more than dollars and cents.

What should I include in my welcome gifts?

It’s up to you.

One great idea is to create a branded gift set that really makes your new hire feel part of the team from day one.

For example, here at Batch, we can:

  • Add your logo to a number of gifts from bags of coffee to coffee cups, and flasks. 
  • Brand your new hire gift set with custom wrapping tape, a branded sleeve for your gift box, and even stamp your logo on your gift box. 
  • Plus we can help you go even further with your gift box!  

Already have some branded items you want to include? Perfect! You can send them to us to include in your package. We help you give your new hires everything they need for the new role on top of some extra treats to make them feel even more excited! If you have remote employees we can even send their gift directly to them.

You may decide you want to make new hire gifts even more personal. It's common for businesses to interact with new hires while they're finishing up with their current employer. So get your HR team or hiring manager to slip in a questionnaire about their hobbies and favorite foods when sending other information back and forth.

From there you can speak to one of our Batch corporate gift consultants. We'll build you a tailored gift box with personal favorites alongside branded gifts for a personalized gift for each new hire.

What are the added benefits of investing in welcome gifts for new hires?

On top of the tangible positive improvements in engagement and retention rates, you'll unlock some additional benefits when you welcome your new hires with a corporate gift.

You create an easy day-one icebreaker

Discovering which colleagues are fellow vegans or share a love for flashy socks can be a much better day-one experience than standing up and introducing yourself in front of everyone.

A welcome gift creates an instant talking point, brings a sense of fun into the workplace, and immediately starts to break down barriers and build social connections.

It’s a marketing tool

You might say this was cynical if there wasn’t a ton of research backing up the reasons for improving your onboarding process, but it’s potentially a massive opportunity.

How often do you go on LinkedIn and see people posting about their new jobs? Now imagine your new hire doing that with a picture of their welcome gift. Then imagine talented people in their network seeing that and checking out your job vacancies. You can already see the return of employee gifting decreasing the cost of hiring future staff.

Get your onboarding right with better branded gifts

Corporate gifting is a year-round priority for businesses that do everything they can to keep their employees engaged and feeling appreciated.

You will never have a better chance to have an impact than on a new hire’s first day.

Check out our range of gift sets, or get in touch to discuss what your ideal welcome gift looks like.