Weekly What – Issue 70

Weekly What – Issue 70


Tree Tune

Metro Parks and The Nature Conservancy partnered on an initiative called "If Trees Could Sing," a set of 18 Web videos with Nashville musicians talking (and sometimes singing) about trees. Now that fall is kinda' here, visit Centennial Park and look for trees that have QR codes to view videos of Nashville talent telling tree stories.



Reflect on Roots

Mid-September is usually a time for packed venues, overbooked dobro players, and people trying to figure out what exactly is "Americana music." With the AmericanaFest cancelled, venues are empty, dobro players are out of work, and people still won't know what makes Americana music different than country, folk. or singer-songwriter music. Instead, the Americana Music Association Foundation, will host a three-day virtual conference called Thriving Roots Sept. 16-18, entirely within a customizable app.  With panel discussions that feature artists in the Americana music community and outsiders, you'll get to hear interesting intersections like The Lumineers talking to M. Night Shyamalan or Judd Apatow discussing film and music with The Avett Brothers.



What's Poppin' in Gadsden

Jordan Greer and his brother Brandon Greer make popcorn in Gadsden, Alabama, just a quick hour’s drive from Birmingham. When he isn’t popping popcorn the old fashioned way, Jordan is enjoying the best of his city—from beautiful natural scenery to a quaint, historic downtown. Next time you head to Alabama, make plans to take a day trip from Birmingham to Gadsden to enjoy a taste of small town life.



Let's Talk Turkeys

Unlike almost everything else this year, Thanksgiving will not be cancelled, right? Either way, you can enjoy a happier (presently) and healthier Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys & Double Breast Turkeys from Pure Pasture Farms. They are taking Thanksgiving Turkey reservations.



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