Latinx Inspired Gifts for Your Corporate Team

Latinx Inspired Gifts for Your Corporate Team

We Love to Be Your Neighbor

Fred Rogers Productions recently contacted us to work on a special gift to thank the producers and talent of a new children's show, Alma's Way. This animation company creates quality children’s media that models an enthusiasm for learning and forwards the legacy of Mr. Fred Rogers. We were thrilled to get to work with a company that respects and nurtures one of our most precious resources.

Together we wanted to include a variety of items that celebrated the culture of  Alma's Way by including:

  • Everything traditionally Latinx inspired 
  • Something for vegan recipients 
  • Snacks easily shared between a team

That resulted in:

Once those were finalized, Fred Rogers Productions let us know they'd like to add their own personal touch to each gift by including:

  • An Alma's Way custom sticker
  • A personalized printed note explaining the gift
  • Fred Rogers Productions branding on each gift box
  • Gift wrap in customized corporate colors 

And you don't have to use your imagination! The final product looked like this:

Fred Rogers Gift Batch

Fred Rogers Batch wrapped

After we fulfilled this order and the gifts arrived, our friends at Fred Rogers Productions wrote: 

"I can't tell you how truly gobsmacked we are by this above-and-beyond gesture. This is the best definition of partnership that we can imagine. Supporting local, minority-owned businesses whenever possible is a core value of our company, and you have exceeded our wildest expectations!

Heartfelt thanks from you neighbors in Pittsburgh. You have won customers for life!"