Unique Corporate Gifts You Can Personalize

Unique Corporate Gifts You Can Personalize

We know you love our curated gift boxes of local, small business gifts. Well if you love them so much, why not put your name in one?

If you're looking for corporate gifts that really mean something, we're proud to offer gift boxes that feature products made by small businesses across America. These gifts are local, unique, and impactful, both for the people opening the gifts, and the folks making the products behind-the-scenes. 

But one thing we don't mention enough, they just look good.  

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So if you're interested in one of our curated gift boxes, but you want YOUR name on or in it, we can make that happen. Check out the work we did for our friends at LBMC, an accounting firm of over 500 employees based here in Tennessee.  

LBMC contacted us about curating "Welcome to Tennessee" gift basket ideas for nine prospects that recently moved to the state. They wanted the batch to include a customized LBMC item, and naturally, the gift had to feature Tennessee- based products. Rather than starting from scratch, we used our Just Add Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set as a jumping off point, and tweaked it to fit our client's needs.

Batch Just Add Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set

From the original Batch, we included:

Then, to add a personalized touch for LBMC, we swapped our TN Whiskey Tumblers for customized LBMC-branded whiskey glasses. LBMC also provided us with a message for inside the box. The final product looked like this:

LBMC Custom Gift SetFinally, we finished the box with a custom LBMC stamp--the icing on the cake of this unique personalized gift. 

LBMC White Box ExteriorUsing our own gift as inspiration, these nine boxes were ready to go out and make an excellent impression on their recipients. 

But the story doesn't have to end there.

We set up their own LBMC custom landing page, so anyone in the company can log on and re-order the same gift (or any other corporate gifts we create), at any point in the future (read more in our "Effortless Custom Corporate Gifts" blog post). With all the curating already done and saved on this page, meaningful corporate gifts just got even easier

LBMC Landing Page Screen ShotInspired by the LBMC custom corporate gift, or another one of our hand-curated Batches? Check out our Gift Solutions page, or call (615)-913-3912 to get in touch with the Batch team.