True Life: I Received a Batch Care Package featuring artisan goods from small businesses made in the USA

True Life: I Received a Batch Care Package

Have you thought about sending someone a Batch Care Package? I’m here to tell you from personal experience, it is a good idea! Here’s my story in the first edition of True Life: I Received a Batch Care Package.

The Scene

It was way past my youngest daughter’s bedtime on Friday, December 5th, and as we hurried to get her to sleep, my husband realized her favorite lovey was not in her room. We were all upstairs at the time, and I was holding my older daughter. She was adamant, in the way that two year-olds are late at night, that I continue to hold her, so I began to rush back downstairs with her still in my arms. Four steps down, my right foot slipped and we both crumpled where I landed. I had broken my leg. 

True Life: I Received a Batch Care Package | My broken leg x-ray

I have two small children. It was just before Christmas. We moved only recently into our new home in a new town, and it already felt like so many of our belongings were still unsettled. I have a job and so does my husband. 

This was not the time to deal with an incapacitating injury. Yet, there we were. 

A Bright Spot

I am nearly on the other side of my injury now, in mid-January, but a bright moment has stuck with me for the last several weeks. 

I received a Batch Care Package! (cue the happy dance music)

True Life: I Received a Batch Care Package | My care package that features Thistle Farms, Daily Crunch, TruBee and more
When the care package showed up on my doorstep amidst the Amazon boxes, I knew it was something special. My teammate Heather had curated a special Batch box just for me, including some of my favorite Batch goodies and some new artisan finds I was delighted to try. She included some sweets, some practical-yet-beautiful goods, and of course, there was the signature Batch handwritten note

If you know anyone who is hurt or sick or otherwise feeling down, how about sending them a Batch Care Package? You can curate your own box or choose from one of ours. Either way, you are sure to help cheer them up with a thoughtful care package to help see them through whatever ails them.

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