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Think Outside the [Gift] Box

Sending corporate gift boxes to clients, employees, and partners during the holidays is fantastic.

But are you aware of the potential benefits of sending such gifts beyond the holidays?

Corporate gifting and your ROG

Return on Gifting (ROG) is a tangible metric that you can measure in many ways:

  • If you send branded gift sets to leads, you can measure your conversion rate before and after you started your gifting campaigns.
  • When sending business gifts to clients, you can analyze if you see an uplift in client lifetime value.
  • If you send gifts as part of your internal employee recognition program, you have a heap of performance metrics you can analyze.

There is a wealth of data that shows the ROG:

  • 2018 Epsilon research found 80% of consumers were more likely to do business with a company offering personalized experiences. How would this translate into your company if you send custom gifts to your leads?
  • Sendoso found that having an emotional connection to a brand leads to a 306% increase in lifetime value. What better way to build that connection than with custom client gifts?
  • In 2017, Forbes reported on a study by the UK's Royal Mail that found 57% of people felt more valued receiving direct mail. What if you sent people a direct gift instead?!

If you're ready to try corporate gifting to engage employees and leadership but need help figuring out where to start, Batch has a few ideas to help you get started!

For your sales leads

Pick a suitable point in your sales funnel

Pinpoint the optimal time in your sales funnel to send a gift to leads in considering your proposal. You could even send your brochure or proposals included in your custom gift set! Make your in-person meeting or pitch memorable by bringing a gift with you.

For your clients

On your relationship anniversary

Depending on your industry standard and usual client retention rate, hitting the 12-month mark with a client might be cause for celebration in more ways than one!

Marking the occasion with a client gift is an easy relationship management win. You might even decide to send a gift after three or six months instead.

Trust us, receiving a Batch custom gift is an uplifting change from more reports and invoices!

When you complete a successful project

If you’ve been working with your client on a specific project or towards a particular goal, celebrate when you get it done or hit your target.

We know you’ve already set your sights on the next milestone, but you and your client are allowed a little time to reflect on your achievements and sending a custom corporate gift shows your appreciation.

When they achieve something you’re not involved in

What is the best way to show your clients you care? There's arguably nothing better than sending them a corporate gift congratulating them for something outside your relationship.

Say they announce they’ve smashed their revenue targets, are launching a new product of service, or are establishing themselves in a new market. Send them a congratulatory gift to show that you care about their business health.

This approach is excellent for relationship building as it takes things beyond a purely transactional nature and more towards a partnership.

For your team

When they join you

What better way to show your new hires they made the right choice than with a gift during their first few days working with you?

Check out our detailed look at the benefits of making gifts part of your onboarding process.

On their work anniversary

While many companies recognize longer term work anniversaries, regularly celebrating your employees time and dedication helps with employee retention and team morale.

Our curated gift sets allow you to show your employees your appreciation yearly instead of waiting for arbitrary milestones.

On personal milestones

A great way to enhance employee engagement is to take an interest in their lives outside work.

So whether it's their birthday or wedding anniversary, or they've moved house or welcomed a baby, send a gift to show them you're thinking of them and invested in their well-being beyond the workplace.

On the company’s birthday

Celebrating your organization’s milestones is always more fun when done together.

Marking the company's birthday is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your achievements. This is especially true if you're a relatively young company and many of your team have been growing with you since day one.

On team building days or events

Whether it’s an in office team day or a Zoom quiz to bring together your remote workers from every corner of the country, there’s a Batch gift set for the occasion!

Just because!

You have many opportunities to show your employees appreciation throughout the year. But, sometimes the most appreciated gift will be the one received out of the blue, just because you wanted to say thank you.

Whether you keep it random or send a gift when someone needs a pick-me-up, you don't need to wait for your "designated gifting window" to get something shipped!

Join Batch’s year-round gifting program!

If you want to make sure your clients or employees receive incredible gifts throughout the year, you need our gifting program!

We’ll send four gifts a year, themed for the season they’re sent in, to the people you want us to send them to, when you want us to send them.

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