The Newest Reality Show Set in Nashville is So Dumb (but you're gonna love it)

The Newest Reality Show Set in Nashville is So Dumb (but you're gonna love it)

Blame it on morbid curiosity. 

I heard through friends that the latest Netflix binge-worthy series was set in Nashville. Usually when "reality TV" and "Nashville" meet, its bastard love child is a hot tub on wheels. So I cringed when I heard that Nashvillians were going to choose between buying a wedding and buying a house. 

But I gave it a try. 


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on the growler of Yazoo I had earlier that day.

The show in question here is Marriage or Mortgage and if you can't get the idea of what's going on from the show title, here's the official trailer:

There's been enough think pieces written already about the show's message, calling out the notion that one can't figure out a way to have both a wedding and a home these days as absurd, depressing or just ridiculous

Be that as it may, I'll just share the typical rants any long-time Nashvillian has with shows set in our city:

  1. Nothing is "8 minutes from downtown". This is what the realtor tells someone in one of the episodes I watched. And while maybe during the pandemic you can get around town in 8 minutes, once we're all high on vaccines and bachelorettes flock to our fair town again, you'll be lucky to get from the former home of the Forrest bust to the new home of the Forrest bust in eight minutes (racist history shout out!). Realtors (this goes for all house hunting shows): level with us and call a suburb a suburb already.
  2. Speaking of, FRANKLIN IS NOT NASHVILLE. That's right. In one episode they house hunt in Franklin. When I hear someone say that they "live in a small town" AND that they're "from Nashville", then I know they live in Franklin. I'm sorry, but you can't have your property taxes and eat them, too. (Fiscal humor - everyone's favorite!)
  3. And, of course, our iconic skyline is like the fifth wheel in every episode. Look, we love our concrete and steel (and thus have emblazoned them on mugs, glasses, and towels) but when you're going to milk It City for all it's worth, at least give a little love to buildings and landmarks that aren't as high as our property taxes. (That's right - two tax jokes in one post!)

Hey - all that said, Marriage or Mortgage IS the guilty pleasure we need right now as we remember what it was like to go places other than the grocery store and the other grocery store. Soon enough we'll all be back to staring at the skyline in our cowboy boots and riding party trolleys like we used to.

P.S.: Hey Nichole and Sarah - give us a shout when you start Season 2; we'd be happy to provide some high quality Nashville wedding gifts to your couples on the house! (Get it? "House?")

(And shout out to our pals at Loveless who showed up strong in Episode 1!)