Talking Nashville With Belle Founder Armand Lauzon

Talking Nashville With Belle Founder Armand Lauzon

Recently, Batch partnered with Belle to offer an exclusive platinum version of our Nashville Spa Day gift batch. Now, you can give someone an enhanced local spa experience because they'll receive a gift card they can use towards any services Belle provides, such as a massage, manicure, or hair styling.

Nashville Spa Day Platinum Gift Batch

We had a chance to chat with Belle Founder Armand Lauzon about Nashville, why he decided to grow his company here, and where he likes to hang out when the work day is done. 

Armand Lauzon | Founder of Belle in Nashville, TN

Batch: What was the AHA! moment when you knew Belle had to be in the world?

Armand Lauzon: A few years ago, I was spending time with my cousin who is a manicurist. She explained that professionals in her industry forfeit anywhere between 50% to 85% of the revenue they generate to a salon or spa to pay for rent, utilities, marketing, etc. Manicurists also need to abide by strict shift schedules where they ultimately waste time waiting for appointments to walk through the door. From my experience working in venture capital, I knew that technology could improve professionals’ compensation, save them time, create flexibility and best of all - bring clients a new type of service with superior convenience.

Batch: Why did you decide to build your company in Nashville?

Armand Lauzon: We soft launched Belle in Boston and Nashville. Over the first few months of operation, we saw Nashville take off. I woke up one morning and knew we had to focus our financial and mental resources in one city to optimize our success. Nashville was that place.

Belle | In home spa and beauty services in Nashville, Tennessee

Batch: What's the best thing about doing what you do?

Armand Lauzon: Free massages all the time... Just kidding. But seriously - one Belle professional recently told me she had the best week of her career because of Belle. Believing in her and supporting her meant the world. Knowing that what we are doing is having such a positive impact is so meaningful to me. It’s the core mission of the company. It’s what gets me up in the morning.

Batch: How is Belle "keeping it local?

Armand Lauzon: First, we are newly headquartered in Nashville. Second, we are building relationships and partnerships with some of the finest businesses in town, including Batch, Results Fitness, Destination Nashville and others. Third, we are empowering local beauty and health professionals and therefore, the local economy.

Batch: It's Friday and the work day is done - where are we going for drinks and then dinner later?

Armand Lauzon: I still have so much to explore in this city, but I’m a big fan of M Street. If I had to choose, I’d go with St. Anejo for drinks. For dinner (and more drinks), we are going to Little Donkey in Germantown. I just moved to that neighborhood and love that restaurant. Well priced, excellent Mexican food with great margs.

Belle | Nashville TN in home spa services

Learn more about Belle on their website. And snag the platinum version of our Nashville Spa Day gift batch for someone special.