Take Note: New MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes are Here!

Take Note: New MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes are Here!

Tamara Fyke is an entrepreneurial woman with a big heart for helping kids thrive. She is the mastermind behind MusiCity Kids and Love in a Big World. We at Batch just launched a collaboration with Tamara to bring you the MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes, three boxes designed for children of a specific age-range with fun activities that will educate and entertain them all summer long! 

MusiCity Kids Batch Box benefitting PENCIL Foundation Nashville

I don't know about you, but I am so excited for anything that will help keep my kids learning, laughing, and active since we’ve been home since mid-March due to COVID-19. Learn about Tamara, the MusiCity Kids show, and why you’ll definitely want to order the MusiCity Kids Batch Box for your kids and any parents that you want to help out.

Tell us about MusiCity Kids!

Since late 2019, I had been talking with Love in A Big World’s Board of Directors and others about how nonprofits in Nashville could work together for collective impact. When schools were dismissed due to the pandemic, I knew all of us who provided services to students in schools would be looking for new ways to connect. I conceived MusiCity Kids on March 16, 2020 and immediately shared the idea with friends and colleagues. We went live with our first episode on March 23 showcasing Knowledge Bank Nashville, Janet’s Planet, HandEyeBody, Dr. JPop, and local music and kids.

My inspiration was to support children & families with fun & meaningful content, provide an opportunity for educational content providers to connect with kids & families during the pandemic and beyond, elevate one another’s work by combining our efforts, and feature Nashville musicians.

The goal of MusiCity Kids is to help kids and families grow strong in mind, body, and heart. 

How did you come up with the idea for MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes?

Sam Davidson, Co-Founder of Batch, and I have been friends for many years. We worked together on Sam’s first business, CoolPeopleCare. We reconnected pre-COVID. After we launched the show, I reached out to share the idea. He loved it, and here we are.

MusiCity Kids Batch Box benefitting PENCIL Foundation Nashville

With the MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes, we are sharing some of the educational content providers from the MusiCity Kids Show as well as local fare from Nashville – Music City, USA. Jacob Weiss of HandEyeBody provides segments about juggling and movement. Janet of Janet’s Planet teaches science. I am the founder of Love In A Big World and host of MusiCity Kids. With Love In A Big World, my team and I teach social-emotional learning, in other words – mental health & wellness for kids. And who doesn’t like pancakes?! What a great Saturday morning breakfast for the family. Kids can learn online and continue that learning in real life through the Batch Box items.

Proceeds from MusiCity Kids Batch Boxes benefit PENCIL Foundation Nashville

By donating a portion of all MusiCity Kids Batch Box proceeds to PENCIL, we are demonstrating that we are all in this together for the sake of the kids and families in our hometown. PENCIL is committed to the education of our children here in Metropolitan Nashville.

What has your family been up to since schools closed due to COVID-19?

I am the mother of three older children, ages 22, 17, and 14. Since they are older, I did not have to figure out homeschooling them. Most recently, we have been processing the social injustice issues. As a diverse family, my kids are all bi-racial, so we have talked about race and identity their entire lives. Now our conversations have reached a new level because of what is happening in our world. 

 MusiCity Kids Batch Box benefitting PENCIL Foundation Nashville

This summer, enjoy MusiCity Kids LIVE on Wednesdays at 10am while your child enjoys his or her own supplies from the MusiCity Kids Batch Box. The summer theme is Do Something! and features segments from Nashville, Chicago, New York City, and even South Africa. You can also find episodes on the kids video site BatteryPOP and the educational site Belouga. Check out a full listing of the show’s contributors and supporters, including production services from BAM!SocialBusiness.

If you’d like to get involved with MusiCity Kids as a contributor or sponsor, reach out to is Tamara. Nashville is known for both its entertainment and its generosity. MusiCity Kids an opportunity to support the needs of kids, families, non-profits, and small businesses in our community. As Tamara says, “Let us let our light shine all over the world!”