Take a day trip from Charleston to Holly Hill and Enjoy Serenity Now with Kay Holseberg of Molly & Me Pecans

Take a Day Trip from Charleston to Holly Hill and Enjoy Serenity Now

Need some serenity now? Take a virtual day trip to Holly Hill, the small farming community about an hour’s drive northwest of Charleston that is home to Kay Holseberg of Molly & Me Pecans. There, Kay’s life is full of simple pleasures—the sights and sounds of nature, home cooking, and family time. Grab some sweet tea and prepare to feel immediately more relaxed.

Read on for Kay Holseberg’s favorite spots in Holly Hill, South Carolina, just a quick drive from Charleston!

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Where do you take out of towners? 

We enjoy living in the country so much, when we have out of town company, we usually just stay here and have a cookout. There is nothing like grilling steaks, and then sitting out around the firepit, seeing the stars, and listening to the frogs and crickets in the woods right behind the house at night.

What’s one place to eat that no one outside of Holly Hill knows about, but everyone inside your town loves? 

If you want to know where to go in Holly Hill for food, we have Mac's Diner for breakfast or lunch and Vasilios Pizza for dinner. I have heard there is a new soul food place opening up, but I haven't been there yet.

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What is your favorite place to take kids in Holly Hill? 

Our grandkids love coming out here to spend time. They live in Summerville, but love having a tree fort and zip line out here that their grandfather made for them, and they enjoy all the animals. I like walking with them up to the cookhouse on the weekends to bake cowboy cookies. They love the smells in the cookhouse and never want to go home!

Where is the best place to get a good view of Holly Hill? 

My favorite place is the front porch, especially at breakfast time. From there, you can see the horses in the pasture, and usually every morning there are four or five deer that run across the horse pasture.  We see them again at night cross back over to the other side right before dark.

And one more question about being a small business owner…

What’s it been like to keep on making during a global pandemic? 

As far as how the business has been doing during the pandemic, it's been okay.  We have missed being in the Charleston Farmers Market this year, and especially meeting all the great tourists that come to Charleston, but our wholesale has picked up quite a bit thanks for Faire. And of course, our long time customers who still order pecans for themselves and others. We couldn't have done it without them!  

Kay Holseberg of Molly & Me Pecans in Holly Hill, South Carolina with husband

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