Summer Breeze: Cocktails with Batch and Batches with Cocktails.

Summer Breeze: Cocktails with Batch and Batches with Cocktails.

For his summer anthem "When the Sun Goes Down" with Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker once wrote : "This sweet concoction's as smooth as molasses." 

Whether he knew it or not, we figure he must've been talking about the delicious libations that can be created from Batch's cocktail themed gifts (in this way he was ahead of his time). That's all we've been able to talk about. All you need to do is BYOB and these gifts will bring the evening Southern porch without the fireflies and mosquitoes. 

Bloody Mary Kit

Bloody Mary Kit Gift Set

For those of us who like to get an early start on our day, drinking should be no exception. The Bloody Mary Gift Kit Set has all the fixins for an unforgettable (or maybe a little hazy) Southern brunch. With Walker's best selling Southern Bloody Mary Mix as the centerpiece, we added:

  • Loveless Cafe Pickled Okra
  • Jack Rudy Vermouth Brined Olives
  • Walker Feed Company Hot Sea Salt Cocktail Rimmer
  • Batch "Cheers Y'all" Flour Sack Towel

Start off the day with a kick. Cheers. 

Derby Days 

Derby Days Gift Batch

One of our newest curated batches is Derby Days, an homage to our neighbors in Kentucky and their noble steeds. Who knew that the earliest references to the drink date back to the 1700s? You can taste the history. This Batch comes with:

  • Lewis Ice Bag & Wooden Mallet
  • A Pair of Hammered Mint Julep Cups
  • Stainless Steel 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker
  • White's Mint Julep Elixir

It's refreshing and elegant and fresh. Everything you need to celebrate with your favorite horse after a tough race. 

Bourbon Gift Set

Bourbon Gift Set

For the folks who are always ready to get their Bourb-on, we have the batch for you. Our Bourbon Gift Set has all of our best bourbon-themed products in one place. Shake it with bourbon. Dip it with bourbon. Spread it with bourbon. Scrub it with bourbon. It's the fastest way to worship bourbon without a nasty hangover. This gift features: 

  • Righteous Felon Craft Jerky-Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky
  • EVO Smokey Bourbon Salsa
  • The Jam Stand Blueberry Bourbon Jam (10 oz.)
  • Olive and Sinclair Bourbon Nib Brittle
  • Shotwell Candy Co. Caramels - Bourbon & Maple Pecan (2.5 oz.)
  • Molly & Me Bourbon Pecans
  • J.M. Thomason Spice Blend - Bourbon BBQ
  • Little Seed Farm Bourbon Soap Bar

As Lady A once wrote, "Nothing's sweet as summertime and American Honey." We couldn't agree more. 

Just Add Tennessee Whiskey

just add tennessee whiskeyYou too could be as smooth as Tennessee whiskey AND sweet as strawberry wine. We included not one but TWO whiskey tumblers in this batch, because we know that great whiskey is meant to be shared. And while a warm buzz tends to be unbeatable in the crisp fall air, it's never a bad time to celebrate the handiwork of Nathan Green and his pupil, Mr. Jack Daniels. This gift includes:

  • Pair of Tennessee Whiskey Tumbler Glasses
  • Southern City Flavors Cocktail Cherries
  • Molly & Me Bourbon Pecans
  • White's Elixirs Drink Mixer - Old Fashioned (750 ml)
  • Willa's Shortbread Cookies - Tennessee Whiskey (4 oz.)
  • Tennessee Peanut Company Honey Roasted Chipotle Peanuts

Just picture this: you and a loved one in a couple of rocking chairs, nursing some smooth Old Fashioneds, with an empty box of pecans at your feet (they didn't make it past "rocking chairs").  


Need more sips and tips for the summertime? Batch has even more great ideas in our Barware & Drink Mixers Collection. While the summer heat can be unbearable, we've found some pretty good ways to take the edge off.