Snack of the Week: Willa's Shortbread - Pumpkin Spice Recipe

Snack of the Week: Willa's Shortbread - Pumpkin Spice Recipe

Big Pumpkin Spice, whether promoted on Last Week Tonight or in plug-in air fresheners that make staff and students begin to cough and have trouble breathing, has it vines everywhere. Even though a simple, non-existent spice has become its own industrial-consumerist complex, that doesn't mean everything it touches is bad. One redeeming result is another flavor of Willa's Shortbread cookies to enjoy. I risked another case of "Willa's Elbow" to sample these seasonal cookies and it was worth it.

These little bites are cinnamon-y and all-spice-y that greets you like a warm blanket on a cool, fall evening. The satisfying soft yet crunchy toothfeel of the Willa's cookie makes for a strong vehicle for these flavors.

Willa's Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookies

The flavor is balanced between sweet and fall flavors so you just want another to make sure you get what it is laying down. The risk is that you will eat the whole box, but that is also the reward.

The Stats:
Maker: Willa's Shortbread
Location: Nashville, TN
Classification: Seasonal Cookie
Snackumen: 7.3/10
Probability of consuming the whole package: 68%