Snack of the Week: Willa's Shortbread - Classic Recipe

Snack of the Week: Willa's Shortbread - Classic Recipe

I've been diagnosed with Willa's Elbow. This is a result of opening a bag of Willa's Shortbread Classic Recipe Cookies then digging into the bag, bringing out a nickel-sized cookie, putting it in my mouth, immediately going back to the bag, pulling another cookie out, and repeating to the point where I had overused my elbow AND consumed the bag of cookies. I hold Eric Rion and his family responsible since they makes these addictive, simple delights in their Goodlettsville, Tennessee, bakery. 

Eric Rion of Willa's

They have a satisfying soft crunch and they are just the right size to efficiently devour. The Classic Recipe strips away any flavorful distractions so your tastebuds can focus on the buttery flavor with a touch of sugary sweet.

Some people say the only cure for Willa's Elbow is more Willa's. Thankfully, Eric makes somewhere around 10-20 flavors so I'll keep searching for a cure.

The Stats:
Maker: Willa's Shortbread
Location: Nashville, TN
Classification: Sweet Cookie
Snackumen: 9.3/10
Probability of consuming the whole package: 85%