Small Business Gifts for Your Enneagram

Small Business Gifts for Your Enneagram

A gift for Enne-and-every-agram type. 

"Oh my gosh what type do you think I am?" 

I've heard this no fewer than a dozen times in the last three years, and the question seems to be popping up exponentially. While I normally caution against putting people in boxes, it's so fun to do when the boxes are so accurate (and we make accurate boxes for a living). The Enneagram has been incredibly insightful for me in learning about myself, my friends, and my family, and identifying why certain relationships seem to run smoother than others. The test does not explicitly define your identity, it just helps to highlight your motivations and tendencies. That way you have even more insight when choosing the perfect gift. 

If you haven't taken the test yet to find your type, trust me, there's thousands of different websites, books, and youtube videos that would love to be your gateway (This is the official Enneagram Institute if you're willing to spend a little). But you don't need to take the official one. People say you can just read the descriptions, and whichever one feels a little too personal is probably talking about you.  

So whether your friends, family, coworkers or bandmates are moving towards stress or growth, Batch has you covered with an unforgettable gift. 

1. Type 1 - The Reformer

[ Acacia and White Marble Cheeseboard]

The closest "One" in my life is a perfectionist. She's rational, self-controlled, purposeful, and thrives in the details. She also loves hosting gatherings for her social sphere. The Acacia and White Cheeseboard is the perfect invitation for more invitations. Imagine an array of fine cheeses, thin sliced meats, and fresh fruit, placed like landscaping across the marble. Now imagine being your favorite One's number one. 

2. Type 2 - The Helper

Trubee Honey with Lavender [TruBee TN Snow Whipped Honey]

Twos are people pleasers, and are often fulfilled by helping others. I should know, I am one. They're sweet, and don't always take time to spend on themselves. Trubee's Whipped Tennessee Honey is bursting with cinnamon and natural sweetness. Topped on a toasted English muffin or stirred in a warm cup of tea, this Trubee will encourage your Two to take a moment.

Don't forget to add a Tiramisu "You're a Fox" Card so your Two feels acknowledged. Plus, it will remind you that Twos are incredibly dashing and thoughtful. 

3. Type 3 - The Achiever

True South Puzzle 

 [True South Large Puzzle: Route 66]

Shout out to our E-commerce Manager, the high functioning master of every task at hand, Jean White. Threes take pride in diving head first into a challenge and proving themselves by coming out on top. Contests, Problem-solving, Mindbenders... it's all about accomplishment. So, any of our True South Puzzles would do the trick. We selected this Route 66 variant in particular so your Three can put the pieces together for their next road trip.  

4. Type 4 - The Individualist

Gold + Ivy Dusk Candle [Gold & Ivy Soy Dusk Candle

Fours. The brilliant individualists. The tortured artists. Fours seek to differentiate themselves from the world around them, and will do so artistically and with style. We wanted to go a little off the beaten path for this one, and like our Fours, Gold + Ivy candles are one of a kind-- made by hand, with no carcinogens or toxic chemicals. Your Four will thank you for helping them establish a "vibe" in the home or office. 

5. Type 5 - The Investigator

Wildsam Nashville Field Guide [Nashville Wildsam Field Guide]

Driven by a love of information, Fives are consistently looking to fill their minds and learn new things. The Nashville Wildsam Field Guide features facts, history, and people that will help nourish this love for learning. It's wayyyy more than a visitor's guide--it blends useful information and honest storytelling to provide a deep look at the people, places, and things that make Music City the "It" City.  

6. Type 6 - The Loyalist

Thistle Farms Exfoliating Body Scrub [Thistle Farms Exfoliating Lavender Body Scrub]

Tempered down to their most basic component, Sixes are all about security, safety, and being cared for. Not only does a bath with this exfoliating body scrub provide the ultimate comfort, but the mission behind the folks at Thistle Farms is all about security. Thistle Farms believes that love is the most powerful force of healing in the world. They employ a network of women survivors to help these disadvantaged women find meaningful financial independence and foster community healing. If you want to check them out, they'll make a loyalist out of you too.  

7. Type 7 - The Enthusiast

White's Mojito Mix and Mint

[White's Elixirs Handmade Mojito Mix

Sevens are the kind of people who actually ask to see the dessert menu. Busy and fun-loving, they want to try new things and soak up everything life has to offer.  A White's Elixirs Mojito Mix for these "life of the party" types felt obvious, but I don't mind reaching for low hanging...well, gift ideas? Start with a bottle of Mojito Mix, and then get adventurous with the other stuff White's has to offer. Brad White crafted each recipe by hand so you know that your Seven is going to want to try them all.  

8. Type 8 - The Challenger 

Kijiji coffee

[Kijiji Whole Bean Coffee]

Eights are the most competitive type, and from personal experience, probably one of the most productive. Eights are self-confident, decisive, and willful. They are driven to be the best (like no one ever was). Kijiji coffee, one of our favorite local coffee roasters, is the perfect compliment for your favorite Eight. They describe their roast as "a smooth tasting coffee with a punch," and have truly made a name for themselves as the first Black owned coffee shop in Nashville.  

9. Type 9 - The Peacemaker

Piper and Leaf Healing Honeysuckle Tea Jar

[Piper and Leaf Healing Honeysuckle Loose Leaf Tea

The final type gets a personal shoutout to my mom. Nines are receptive, reassuring, nurturing, and agreeable. This herbal tea is the perfect way to say "thank you" for all of the times they spent too much time making sure you were having a good, well... time. My mom loves winding down the evening with a nice hot cup of herbal tea. And when it comes to "leaf", we like to keep it "loose" in our family (or in a sachet if we're feeling frisky). 

We're putting all of the great products you just read about in an Enneagram Collection, so you can shop smart for all of your friends, family, and coworkers. Of course, there's lots of other great gift ideas on our website too. Get them a small business gift that has as much personality as they do. 

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