Recruiting Gift Set

Recruiting with a Gift Strategy

Recruiting has been a hot topic as workers shift their priorities. In the current market, it’s important to be innovative and create a strategy. It might be time to revamp your recruiting practices with some of our simple tips.

Over the past couple of years, human resources have taken the brunt of laying off workers, transitioning workers to remote, transitioning them back to the office, re-hiring, and even being an emotional support system. According to a Paychex Pulse of HR Report, every 7 out of 10 HR leaders has stated that 2021 was one of the most challenging in their career. These issues still exist in 2022. What is the biggest challenge? Attracting the right talent.

We are sharing 4 fresh ideas to add to your recruiting strategy.

Offer Gifts at Job-Fairs (Including Virtual Fairs!)

It is a great way to make a first impression on a candidate. Not to mention, it will attract people to your booth or session. We can’t forget about virtual fairs either!

When taking part in an in-person fair, include signage noting your goodie bags or boxes to entice potential candidates. Use the gifts as an opportunity to build your brand by including promotional products and something fun or practical. Does one ever get tired of coffee? Even better if you can make the goods unique to your business.

Virtual fairs will take a slightly different approach. Look for ways to get attendees to sign up for your session while collecting their home addresses. Be transparent and extend the offer of a surprise gift upon registration. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise package? It will serve as a reminder and demonstrate your appreciation of their time.

Employee Referral Incentives with Gifts

Let’s face it many HR professionals have used a cash referral strategy for years. Is that strategy starting to feel a bit stale? Add gifting to the mix. Create an incentive for employees to refer potential candidates by a certain date. If they are hired, offer to buy them a tv or include a local experience for the family in a beautifully packaged gift set.

Social Media Giveaways

There are loads of reasons to use social media in your recruiting strategy. Social media recruiting is a must-have for a successful strategy in today’s market. LinkedIn may come to mind first, but don’t shy away from Instagram or Facebook to promote job openings. Facebook and Instagram are still at the top of the list for active users and can be a great place to build brand equity.

Did you know that by hosting a contest, you can grow your following 70% faster in three months than if you didn’t host one at all? By centering the contest around hiring, you can kill two birds with one stone.

An example would be to offer a fun gift to the first 25 people who apply for a specific job, like, follow, and share your post. Don’t forget to set parameters and follow social media best practices.

Recruiting Gift Box

Gifts During the Interview Process

A great option for high-value candidates that you are hoping to bring on board. Keep in mind great candidates have a choice too. Beyond monetary needs, what will attract them to your company? Exhibiting a little hospitality is one approach.

Share a gift relevant to your company or a candidate’s personality. These can be as simple as offering a goody box filled with snacks for all in-person interviews too. Gifting will help build a positive experience with your company. Remember a candidate has the power to post a review of their interview on Glassdoor. You certainly don’t want to be the company racking up poor reviews.

Freshen up your recruiting strategy with these ideas. If you’d like to add promotional products or personalization to any of your recruiting gifts, schedule a call. We are never short on ideas!