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Putting Together Corporate Gift Sets in the Healthcare Industry

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Here are four stories from Batch customers who used custom employee gifts to show recognition to healthcare industry workers.

Story #1: HCA Healthcare TriStar Division

The challenge

Following an intense and competitive recruitment process, HCA Healthcare's TriStar Division in Brentwood wanted to ensure it welcomed successful candidates and onboarded them as effectively as possible.

The solution

HCA Healthcare reached out to our corporate gift consultants to discuss their needs. We explained how Batch could pull together custom gift sets and send them to recruits early in their employment. All we needed from HCA Healthcare was the employee’s name and any special requirements, and we were able to send a seasonal custom gift set as soon as we got the word.

We now send custom employee gifts to every new healthcare worker in HCA’s TriStar division.

The outcome

Chris Mainord, HCA Healthcare’s TriStar Division Coordinator, sent us this feedback:

“Good afternoon, I hope you are doing great!! I just wanted to let you know that I have received major feedback on all of our Batch’s recently. Our physicians have raved about the items that they have received, which you put together. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your eye for putting together specialized welcome gifts for our docs. It is just one more reminder on why we love partnering with Batch.”

Story #2: Nashville Health Care Council

The challenge

Nashville Health Care Council was planning a local healthcare event. In addition to running a successful event for attendees, the Council wanted to show appreciation to those who participated.

The solution

Nashville Health Care Council got in touch with our corporate gift consultants but was worried we might not be able to meet their needs with a quicker turnaround needed. Here at Batch, we love a challenge and were excited to bring together everything the Council required to help support a successful and memorable event.

The outcome

Mission accomplished!

Nancy Colyar, Executive Assistant at Nashville Health Care Council, got in touch to tell us:

“I appreciate you accommodating my last minute order. I have already heard from several people whom I had sent a gift to. They are very familiar with your products and were thrilled to receive these items.”

We loved that the recipients receiving products they already knew made them even more excited to receive their custom Batch gifts!

Story #3: GE Healthcare

The challenge

Jill Cornell, Productions & Process Controls Director at GE Healthcare, wanted to show her appreciation to the women she works with. Like ourselves, Jill was passionate about local products and supporting women makers. We were the perfect Batch…and match!

The solution

Fully understanding Jill's needs, our gift consultants worked on creating a custom gift set filled with products from women makers that we just knew her colleagues would love. With that done, we quickly ensured they reached their intended destination.

The outcome

After sending Jill’s custom gifts, she told us:

“They look beautiful! Thanks so much for making this so easy. It feels great to support local businesses and recognize some amazing women I work with!”

Story #4: HCA Healthcare Human Resources

The challenge

HCA Healthcare's Human Resources Group, based here in Nashville, wanted to recognize the work done by dozens of employees across the organization. But given how many custom gifts were required ahead of an event, Mary Daugherty, L&OD Coordinator at HCA, worried about how she could ensure everyone she wanted to send a gift to would receive one.

The solution

After speaking to our gift consultants, Mary was assured that Batch could meet her gifting needs and that all we needed to know was what she wanted, and she could get on with focusing on her own priorities. We then got to work putting together all the custom gift boxes filled with incredible products to be sent to Mary’s colleagues and made sure they were going to get to where they needed to go when they needed to get there.

The outcome

After receiving positive feedback from colleagues who had received gifts, Mary got in touch to tell us:

“I just wanted to give you and your team a huge virtual “Thank You!” and hug! We are starting to receive some many happy emails in thanks of our programming and gifts and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you all! I’m imagining myself stuffing 75 boxes, labeling them, and taking them in loads to FedEx…it is stressful. So thank you all for helping relieve some of the stress that comes with producing an event.

I appreciate you all and look forward to working together in the near future!”

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