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Promotional Products and Unique Gifts | Top 5 Gift Ideas

As the new year approaches and we learn how to live and work with COVID-19 still lurking, there are sure to be more opportunities to share events in person. These types of experiences are the perfect time to continue building your brand, engaging your employees, and investing in partnerships with promotional products and unique gifts.

Alright, you’ve probably heard before that the chances of converting someone after one interaction have pretty low odds. It typically takes up to seven touchpoints before someone becomes a customer. What interactions would you like your potential customers, current customers, and even your employees to experience?

In case you missed it, we shared a previous post about the importance of gifting, check that out here. Now, let’s talk more about the types of promotional products and the advantages of working with small businesses. At Batch, we are all about supporting small businesses. Because of this, we can easily customize and create unique gifts.

Little Seed Farm Owners

Why Small Business?

By working with small businesses, we have the ability to work faster. Many of these companies have small teams which means they can be easily accessible. We don’t have to find the right person to speak to, chances are we already know the right person! We can easily jump on the phone to discuss a new idea. One example of this is our partnership with Frothy Monkey. We can create custom blends and labels for individual bags of coffee.

Quality coffee + your brand’s logo and message = a perfect promotional product.

Another advantage of working with small businesses is that more money stays in the local economy. According to this article and the SBA, when you spend $100 at a small business, $48 stays in the community. If the same were spent at a big box store, only $14 stays in the local economy. Consider where you might be attending an event and curate your gift with local goods. It’s a fun way to get folks interested in the local flavor and share an authentic experience.

Not to mention, do you really want another logo mousepad or pen? Think about items that folks can carry or leave around the home as a constant reminder, like coasters. The same logic applies to events made for employees. They will think more highly of their company and want to share their experience if they are unique gifts. You want them to be brand ambassadors.

Virtual Events

Also, we know that virtual events might be here to stay. In this case, it’s even more important to create a connection and memorable experience with new clients or employees. Thoughtfully sourced promotional products are still a great solution.  

Our Top 5 List of Promotional Products and Unique Gifts:

1. High-Quality Coffee | It’s hard to go wrong with a great cup of joe and you always need more.

 2. Leather Coasters | A perfect year-round gift.

 3. Scented Candles | Scents can help boost mood and even aid in relaxation.

 4. To-Go Mug | A great tool for free advertising wherever they travel.

 5. Tea Towels | Practical and easily customized.

Have an event coming up? Check out our full collection of gift ideas here. Don’t be shy and feel free to ask us about customizing any item with your branding.