Follow the Rainbow to Your Personal Pride Batch

Follow the Rainbow to Your Personal Pride Batch

Gift ideas for Roy G. Biv and all of their friends. 

Here's a collection of some of the most colorful small business products we offer at Batch. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet-- help us celebrate the entire spectrum of color, and the entire spectrum of gender and sexuality, with these small business products from around the country. We support anyone you choose to local love

Cornucopia Popcorn - Birthday Cake

Cornucopia Birthday Cake Popcorn

[photo courtesy of our friends at Cornucopia Popcorn]

This small batch Austin popcorn is perfect for all the times it's your birthday, and all the times it's not. It gets its color from the little discs of confetti, caked onto the kernels with a glaze of sweet white chocolate. Remember: no one is ever too old for sprinkles

Daily Crunch Cherry Berry Nut Medley

Daily Crunch Almonds Cherry Berry Nut BagBlueberries, cherries, almonds... all of the color in this snack comes naturally. As one of the healthiest snacks Batch has to offer, Daily Crunch makes snacking good for the body and mind. The folks behind Daily Crunch also started the Support Network, which is helping college students create communities that support each other's identity, mental health, and day-to-day living. Check out this interview we did with them earlier this spring.


Candy Club Triple-Decker Sour Bears

 Candy Club Sour Gummy Bears

One of our most recent additions to the Batch catalog, we took time to write down some of our initial reactions (seriously). 

  • "(hands clapping enthusiastically) SO. FREAKING. GOOD." - Jean
  • The perfect amount of tanginess, citrus-ness, and sourness. A delightful detriment to anyone trying to cut back on sugar. - Me

Candy Club Confetti Crunch Bears

Candy Club Confetti Crunch Gummy Bears

The greatest collection of chewy and crunchy since Wonka invented the Nerds Rope. Celebrate Pride Month with a little confetti, because these gummy drops are coated with a festive and eye-catching layer of rainbow sprinkles. Just like in this blog post, they look amazing next to Candy Club's Triple Decker Sour Bears. 

Compartés Chocolate Coney Island Waffle Cone Chocolate Bar 

Compartes Chocolatier Chocolate Bar

[photo courtesy of Compartés Chocolatier]

Finally, the marriage of milk chocolate and caramelized waffle cone. While this unique product may seem like a unicorn, this L.A. based chocolatier is making all kinds of colorful candy creations, from cereal bowl chocolate bars to gourmet chocolate-covered fruits. What does Batch have in common with Oprah? This chocolate bar is one of our favorite things. 

Seattle Chocolate Truffles 

Seattle Chocolate Truffles

Our friends at Seattle Chocolate considered this bag "a sparkling celebration of inclusion and diversity." This grab bag of Pride chocolate truffles comes with six unique flavors: Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, San Juan Sea Salt, 72% Dark Origin, Blackberry Creme, and last but not least, Champagne. Champagne is made alcohol-free, just with an all natural-popping candy. It reminds you not to let anyone dull your sparkle. 

TruBee TN Snow Whipped Honey - Lavender

 Trubee Honey with Lavender

The color from this one is in the flavor. Trubee's raw, creamed honey is cultivated by free-range bees right under the Tennessee sun. They add just a dash of natural lavender extract to give it an aromatic finish, perfect for topping an english muffin or stirring in a cup of tea.  

Nashville Skyline Hand Towel - Rainbow 

Batch Nashville Skyline Rainbow

Our colorful rendition of a Batch classic. The Nashville Skyline Hand Towel features our own design of the iconic Nashville skyline (complete with "Batman Building" and all), and printed locally in Nashville. Our rainbow edition is available as part of the batches in our curated Pride Collection, but also as a stand alone gift. It's the perfect kitchen accessory to lovingly remind your grandparents that diversity is beautiful and makes us stronger. 

Of course, Pride is about way more than just bright colors--it's about celebrating our differences. We're grateful to our LGBTQ+ friends who are helping us learn how to be better neighbors and create a safer space for these differences. Our Pride Collection celebrates June as Pride Month, and directly benefits the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Let's love the whole spectrum.