PRESS RELEASE: Batch Announces Pasta Crinkle with The Olive Garden

PRESS RELEASE: Batch Announces Pasta Crinkle with The Olive Garden

This April, Batch gift boxes are getting a whole lot tastier. Batch announced today that they are partnering with The Olive GardenTM in an effort to promote sustainability and reduce pasta waste. 

Since the company's start in 2013, Batch boxes have featured brown kraft crinkle to protect the small business-made products in their gift boxes. Today's announcement is that the Nashville-based gift company would be switching the packing fill of their gift boxes to a tastier shock absorber: The Olive GardenTM pasta. While an innovative partnership, it is unexpected since the crinkle is adored by many customers that say it “seems to get everywhere and sticks around.” 

“We know this will be an initial adjustment for our customers.” Batch CEO and co-founder Sam Davidson said. “But, we’re hoping The Olive GardenTM collab will help engage a larger audience to support small business. In early trials, there was a lot of rigamarole in the warehouse, but now we are hearing nothing but 'amore' for the pasta fill.” 

For a $2.99 upcharge, customers will be able to add one of three different sauces for their Batch box pasta: marinara, pesto, or creamy alfredo. All options are locally sourced from the Murfreesboro Olive Garden. If not specified, the default option for each Batch box will be original buttered noodles. Customers ordering the J.M. Thomason Tuscan Dipping Oil may select for it to be opened and applied directly to the pasta fill at no additional charge. Corporate customers can upgrade their gifts and choose the shape of their pasta including Dan Pashman's new pasta shape. 

The Olive GardenTM CEO Tony RigaTony!Toni!Toné! issued a statement this morning:

“The Olive GardenTM has always had one mantra and it’s this: "when you’re here you’re family." We always give pasta to our family. And now, Batch is family. Which makes Batch’s customers our family. So, we’re beyond thrilled to keep giving pasta to our family. As our family knows, we have a never-ending supply of pasta, so this was an easy decision for our company.” 

Batch is hoping it can help reduce the environmental impact of crinkle usage while also helping their new business partner leverage their infinite quantity of noodles.

Batch is hoping that this is the first of many partnerships. Plans for future collaborations include iBoxes designed by AppleTM that will come loaded with apps like TikTok; and Batch NFTs that are one-of-a-kind, small-batch, cryptocurrency gifts that no one understands but will cost $26,000,000.

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