OMG, Will My Package Get There by Christmas? [PANDEMIC EDITION]

OMG, Will My Package Get There by Christmas? [PANDEMIC EDITION]

Are you stressed about your package arriving on time? So are we! We’ve seen a lot of posts in our social media feeds about 2020 Christmas-package-arrival-time-induced anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic has more of us than ever staying home and shopping online. So, you placed your online order, and then you think: OMG, my package is in the hands of the shipping company. Will it get there in time to sit magically under the tree on Christmas morning?

We have some good news and some bad news. Read on.

The Good News 👍

You shopped small! Yay, you! Small businesses are strugglin’ during the pandemic while the big guys just get bigger. Thank you for being a Small Business Hero! A small business owner is doing a happy dance because of your purchase—your karma bank is full!

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You also probably saw on the small business’ webpage while you were shopping or checking out that we have shipping deadlines from UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. These shipping companies gave us deadlines well in advance, so we could tell you when you needed to place your order to get that gift to Grandma by Christmas. You were prepared!

The Bad News 👎

Well, turns out the shipping companies underestimated Americans’ desire to online shop while we stay home and try to stop the spread of the pandemic. UPS, FedEx, and the USPS are more overwhelmed with packages than they predicted, and even those packages shipped by the deadline might not make it by Christmas. <Groan.>


The Real Deal 🤔

Here’s the bottom line. At this point, your package is in the hands of the shipping carrier. There’s nothing you or we or your mailman can do about it. But, here’s what you can do if it looks like the package won’t get there by Christmas.

  • If you will see the recipient in-person: Print a photo, wrap it up, and put it under the tree. 
  • If you won’t see the recipient in-person: Email a photo to the recipient directly, or email it to one of their family members for them to print and wrap.
  • No matter what: Tell the recipient their gift is helping to keep a small business in business, which is something they should feel awesome about! Hey, you can even tell them about our Small Business Pledge and ask them to join you in shopping small.
  • Bonus: The 12 Days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day, so you technically have until Tuesday, January 5, 2021 to get that present to them on time. Booyah!


Thank you for shopping with Batch. Thank you for supporting our small business whose mission is to help you discover, enjoy, and support other local small businesses

Happy, happy holidays from our family to yours. ❤️