Now + Later: Make your Mother’s Day Gifts Do Double-Duty this Year 

Now + Later: Make your Mother’s Day Gifts Do Double-Duty this Year 

This Mother’s Day is unique in two ways: 

  1. Most of the mothers out there have been stuck at home with their children for over six weeks, trying to homeschool, work from home, cook/clean/do laundry, keep everyone coronavirus-free. They are capital-T tired.
  2. Most local businesses are hurting right now because they have had to close their doors, limit their services, or overhaul the way they do business.

So, as you think about what to give your mother or the mother-figure in your life to show her that you care, think Now and Later. (No, not the taffy-like D-list Halloween candy you used to try to pawn off on your little brother in hopes of trading for his Twix stash.) She needs something to brighten her days right now, while stuck at home. And, she needs something to look forward to, so she can keep plodding on as her hopes of summer camp relief are slowly withering away.


Give mom gifts that she can enjoy right now. Think: products that she can enjoy at home, will ease her burdens, and will help her find some tranquility in the midst of a crazy time.

Hot Tip: Place orders from Batch by Tuesday, May 5 at Noon to get it there in time for Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, May 10, in case you didn’t know yet…)! Here is our full Mother’s Day collection for your convenience.



Workout from home, that is. Has mom been doing yoga to keep her sane? Get her this blanket from the Nashville Blanket Project  to use for a perfect restorative yoga prop. For every blanket purchased, one is given to someone who is homeless. Bonus: it can double as a picnic blanket!

Fine Dining


We’ve all been eating at home A. LOT. To help shed the initial #quarantine15, how about these lovely salad tongs from Billet+Blade? Or this cookbook from Garden & Gun? But, please, for the love of all things holy, do not tell Mom she needs to eat more salad/lose weight/stop eating so much ice cream for dinner. 

Hand Washing

We all have dried up knuckles from the hand washing. How about giving Mom a luxurious hand-washing experience with Little Seed Soap in rosemary mint and Thistle Farms hand lotion in relaxing lavender. Aromatherapy to the rescue!

Bottoms Up!

Wine. Many a mother has survived this spring with the help of wine. Why not give her a fancy RV wine mug to help her stop taking swigs directly from the bottle. Or, check out the Cocktails with a Twist series for those who love a clever cocktail with their classic novel.

Write it Down

When all else fails, buy a card from Thimblepress to hand deliver a sentimental note (from a six-foot distance).


Give mom gifts she can enjoy when we get free again. Think: gift cards to local businesses she will want to patronize ASAP after being stuck in the house for months. 

Batch Buddies

Loveless Cafe sign

Check out our friends at Loveless Cafe, Acme Feed & Seed, Bongo Java, Frothy Monkey, and Lockeland Table to purchase gift cards for a future date night, ladies’ night, or family outing. We sell their products online and in our store, but Mom also needs to go visit in person to get the full experience!

Our Farmers' Market Friends

Nashville Farmers' Market

Our Farmers' Market neighbors Picnic Tap (beer), Farm City Coffee (coffee), and Natchez Hills (wine) are selling gift cards. Buy one of each, plus a Batch gift card, and mom can have a heck of a day at the market when it reopens!


Poppy and Monroe spa

How about a spa gift card or gift card for classes at her favorite boutique exercise studio? Yes, please! We are all desperate to get back to our former selves. Need inspiration? Try Poppy and Monroe for natural spa services and Nurture Nashville for mom-focused exercise and wellness.

Plus, Always a Good Idea

And if you lost work or aren’t into material Mother’s Day gifts, you can never go wrong with these 100% free gifts!

Let mom sleep in

If you’re a partner/spouse, take care of the kids’ wake-up and breakfast routines. If you’re a teenager, take care of yourself! (Mom isn’t the only one who knows where the Cheerios are.)

Breakfast in Bed

Make Mom a cup of coffee (or a whole carafe?) and her favorite breakfast food. Bring it to her in bed. Bonus points for adding a mimosa and bringing her tablet with Netflix already queued up to play Love is Blind or something trendy that she’s been desperately trying to watch for months.


Rub her back. Easy enough. 

Honey-Do List

That nagging home improvement/organization project you’ve been ignoring since you all bought the house? Yep. Now, after being home for weeks on end, it is about to drive Mom insane. Just do it already.

Leave her alone

hamster mom meme

A variation on the first two items on this list. If you are a partner/spouse, take the children away for a few hours or a day. If you are a teenager, just go away for a while. Once she has a chance to miss her children for a minute, she’ll remember that she does love being Mom.