No addresses for holiday gifts? No problem. Try Batch's Custom Holiday Corporate Gifting Solution for 2020

No addresses for holiday gifts? No problem. Try Batch's Custom Holiday Corporate Gifting Solution for 2020

2020 is different. You may know who you want to send your year-end corporate holiday gifts to, but with the pandemic still in full swing, it is hard to know where to send them. Your clients, customers, and team members aren’t in their offices like the before-times, so how can you reach them?

We get it. Let us take care of it.

No addresses? No problem.

Batch will set up a custom holiday gift landing page (like this example) for you to get holiday gifts to your clients, customers, and team members whether or not you have the correct mailing addresses! Follow these four simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to seamless pandemic holiday gifting. (Note that a minimum spend amount is required to allow recipients to choose their own gifts.)

Step 1

Pick out the gift(s) you’d like to send, just like normal. 

[Check out our 2020 Business Holiday Gift Guide for ideas.]

Step 2

Batch will create a branded landing page on our website with fields to let your recipient choose their gift (if you have more than one option) and enter their preferred mailing address (home or business). (Minimum spend amount applies.)

Step 3

We’ll co-brand an email with you to notify all your gift recipients that they have a gift waiting for them, from you.

Batch Corporate Holiday Gift Landing Page Sample
Step 4

They’ll follow the link to visit your landing page, enter their address, et voilà! Their gift will soon be on the way, along with your branded box, gift wrap, and any other customizations you’d like to include. (We’ll share the mailing list with you before sending the Batch boxes so you can vet it. You’ll also then have updated mailing addresses for future use!)

By using Batch’s custom holiday corporate gifting solution, you get some pretty cool benefits for your business:

  • You will have fewer returned gift boxes, since the recipients put in their own addresses.
  • Your customers, clients, and team members feel empowered and excited by making their own personalized holiday gift choice.
  • You show that your brand is generous and thoughtful during a time of so much stress and uncertainty, earning lots of warm-fuzzy points with your clients, customers, and team members.
  • Your business supports small businesses and local artisans in cities around the U.S.A.!
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