Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #10 - Bourbon Lover Gift Batch

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #10 - Bourbon Lover Gift Batch

Hey y'all. Valentine's Day is coming up. And it doesn't matter if you think it's a made up holiday invented by greeting card and chocolate companies - your girl, guy, friend, cuff, pet is expecting something.

In an effort to avoid relational strife, we've got you covered and are counting down with 10 local, Nashville gift ideas that should impress anyone (and if they don't, well, that says more about them than you). 

Gift Idea #10: Bourbon Lover Gift Batch

Look, in some places (for now), it's frowned upon to drink fine bourbon for lunch. But, you can go hog wild on popcorn and brittle any time you like. That's why we've curated this gift set full of bourbon flavored and inspired items.

Bourbon Gift Batch - Nashville local gifts

And don't sleep on that Tobacco + Whiskey scented candle complete with Nashville branding by our pals at Southern Firefly (Literally - don't sleep on it. Please always extinguish all candles before bed time.)

As always, gift batches ship for free (yay!), or you can shop in person at our Nashville store every day of the week from 10AM until 6PM.