Nashville Murals: Explore Street Art in Nashville

Nashville Murals: Explore Street Art in Nashville

Tourists are flocking to Nashville at an ever-increasing rate (15.2 million visitors in 2018—up +4.8% over 2017) and most of them will wait in line to have their picture taken in front of the #WhatLiftsYou mural in the Gulch. Now that everyone is posting their best life on Instagram, murals are the must-have backdrops. Taylor Swift recently announced that she was going to announce something (warning: autoplay video) in front of a temporary Kelsey Montaguemural in the Gulch. New murals emerge all of the time thanks to local street artists and Nashville Walls Project’s mission to bring street artists to Nashville for mural projects. Surprisingly, there remain “unmuraled” walls (the Farmers’ Market, for instance) for those who want to leave their mark. For aspiring muralists, Metro has put together an in-depth guide for making murals in Nashville.

Taylor Swift at Kelsey Montague's temporary mural in the Gulch.

Need to find a new favorite mural? Here are some helpful maps:

  • Kristin Luna has compiled an extensive mural list with photos on her blog.
  • This map compiled by Fox17 is an (in)complete list of murals around town (we’re not throwing shade because it’s impossible to keep up with all of them).
  • Metro Arts has a web/app/thing called that shows public art and street art.
  • The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp has a collection of Insta mural photos.
  • The Y has made two mural runs (eastside or plain) if you choose to get off of your scooter, you can get some exercise while checking out murals.

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