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Around the World in 180 Restaurants

The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) has just released an extensive list of immigrant and refugee owned restaurants in Nashville. The 2020 InterNASHional Dining Guide has around 180 restaurant listings spanning six continents from Russia to Columbia and Egypt to Japan. All of your dining needs and questions covered—including restaurant hours and delivery options.



Fearsome Flicks

The Belcourt's annual tradition of spine-tingling spookiness, 12 Hours of Terror, will stream seven selections of the most scintillating, scarifying cinema this side of the spirit realm directly to your home through the wizardry of the world wide web. Escape the icy grip of the reaper and experience the event of the season with all the insane thrills from before the dark times — and none of the risk. To accompany the live-streaming event on Saturday, Oct. 24th, we recommend America's Best Popcorn Batch—sweet, salty, cheesy, whiskey, all of the popcorn flavors are ready for maximum enjoyment.



Popping Off

Sam chatted with Melanie Overby of Prohibition Popcorn. In 5(ish) minutes together, they talk about how the popcorn took over her catering company, the secret to her whiskey-flavored popcorn light and airy, and what it's been like to be an entrepreneur during a pandemic.




Before the Pumpkin Spice Fairy hibernates for another year, you need to make these tasty muffins using some ingredients we have in stock. Loveless Cafe's all-natural Pumpkin Butter is a slow cooked favorite that tastes like your grandmother's pumpkin pie! Try mixing with bread or cake batter, or use it, along with Greenpoint Trading Co.'s Baker's Spice, in our recipe for homemade Pumpkin Butter Muffins.



When to Vote Early

Dave Rosenberg, Nashville Metro Councilman, District 35, provided this graphic to help folks avoid the wait when voting early. The darkest green shows busiest times at a site. The other two shades show times that were slower relative that site's peak hours. The long and short of it is the slowest times were 8-9am and after 5pm during the week and all day on the middle Saturday. If you want to avoid the crowds, don't wait until the last two days of early voting (Oct. 28-29). The early voting period runs from Wednesday, October 14, 2020 to Thursday, October 29, 2020.