Meet the Maker: Tiramisu Paperie

Meet the Maker: Tiramisu Paperie

We interviewed Lisa Sarmento of Tiramisu Paperie, the maker of funny, twisted, eye-catching cards and our favorite "sasshole," to find out why she started her business, what makes a good card, and what's next for her.

Tiramisu Paperie's Lisa Sarmento

What were you doing before you started Tiramisu Paperie?

Prior to be a paper pusher, I spent a good chunk of my life in the advertising and design world. I was lucky enough to work along some of the best designers, writers and more. In addition to that I have been teaching graphic design as well. 

What led you to start your business?

My business first started as a need to make ends meet. Designing invites and such but it left me feeling empty. It was when I lost my mom that triggered something. The cards I received were making the situation I think worse, I wanted an honest and direct card that told me what I was going through sucked and its okay to hurt like I did. Now the cards sent were thoughtful don't get me wrong but I just needed more. 

What makes a good card?

I think what truly makes a good card are a few things. First it needs to connect with the reader- the card better really make me laugh or pull on the heart strings. Second the paper. I love paper, gotta touch it and pet it. I know its sad. Lastly typography. If the type doesn't match the message then you lost the whole point of the card. 

How do you describe your cards and sense of humor?

My cards are simple, honest, and slightly inappropriate. My sense of humor is kinda like you know you want to say it but can't, so I do. I have no shame. I'm what they call a "sasshole." Yes, it's a thing.

Are all of your cards blank on the inside? Why?

All of our cards come blank inside. I decided that way you have the opportunity to write what you want inside-spilling your thoughts out on the page is more authentic then having someone doing it for you. Also, having them blank allows you to frame them too.

What locally made products do you use?

I am obsessed with candles. Especially the ones from Southern Firefly the Grapefruit Mangosteen. OH!!!

Also one of my friends started a soap line and makes the most amazing bath bombs! I find ways to use Cheap Chicks Soapery Bath Bombs weekly. If I can get my hands on the Prohibition Popcorn I will devour that too, but I have been known to make myself sick by over doing it on that stuff-so good.

What is one of your favorite gifts to give? Why?

One of my favorite gifts to give is a hard one. Its truly about the person in my opinion. I want my friends and family to get gifts that really show I am listening and that I get you. So it's different for everyone, but if I had to pick it would be a handmade journal. A journal is super personal and that we need to be reminded to never stop dreaming and reaching for more, so a journal can capture all of that for someone. It becomes a reminder when you go back to see what you have done and accomplished.

What's next for Tiramisu Paperie?

Other than sleep...I am gearing up to do the National Stationery Show again along with the Las Vegas Gift Mart showcasing new card designs and more. I have also started a iFundWomen campaign this year to raise funds to hire those with special needs. You can learn about it here:

Shop Tiramisu Paperie's cards, pencils, notepads online. We also have a bunch of these cards at our store in the Nashville Farmers' Market.