Meet The Maker: The Clarity Shop

Meet The Maker: The Clarity Shop

Nicole Gaines on Candles, Music, and Nashville Life

If you have ever had the opportunity to talk with Nicole Gaines, founder of The Clarity Shop candle company, consider yourself #blessed. She is just as delightful as her candles are fragrant. This creative Southern entrepreneur has developed a line of candles she pairs with a coordinating playlist, and now you can add The Clarity Shop’s scents to your custom gift box from Batch today! Check out Focus, Reflections, and So Clean in 4 or 8 oz. sizes. 

Keep reading to learn more about Nicole Gaines’ perspective on being a Nashville native, Black female business owner, creative, healthcare professional, and mom.

Nicole Gaines of The Clarity Shop candles for Batch

How did The Clarity Shop get started? 

Well, I actually started The Clarity Shop a year and a half or so ago. My background is in the medical field—I’m a nurse, but I do medical sales now. Work can be hectic and takes up a lot of my time, but I’m naturally a creative and artsy person. I needed an outlet to get my own little thing back. I absolutely love music and love candles. So, I brought them together. 

The candle making process was harder than I wanted it to be, me being Miss Patty Perfect. I was going to have someone else make The Clarity Shop candles for me, but my best friend encouraged me to keep at it, so after a few months, I finally got a product I was pleased with. 

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How did you think to pair playlists with candles? How does the concept work?

The Clarity Shop candles and their playlists reflect different moods and sounds that vibe with me. I’ll pick a song first that I’m really feeling, then I come up with a candle name and a scent behind it. 

What did you do before you began The Clarity Shop?

I am in medical sales full-time. Recently, I had to take a hiatus from The Clarity Shop for a few months because when COVID became a thing, my hours went crazy. I was working on the COVID response team. Then, I sold my house, and my new house construction was delayed. We just moved in. In mid-July the shop was back up and running. 

Tell us more about you!

I was born and raised in Nashville, in the Antioch area, and went to Martin Luther King Magnet School. I did my first undergraduate degree at UT Chattanooga, then moved back to Nashville. I’m in Murfreesboro now with my 11 year-old daughter Anna and my doggy son Connor. My mom is in Spring Hill. In my free time, I like to do artsy stuff and CrossFit. 

What is your favorite neighborhood to shop and dine in Nashville?

I like East Nashville because it’s a bit hip and gypsy-like, which is more like me. If I were going to shop or dine out, that’s where I’d go. Nashville is so different from when I was growing up! In Green Hills, I love the store Simply Paired. They have great clothing, jewelry, big boho purses, and bags. 

Music is a big part of your business. What are your favorite ways to listen?

I don’t listen to the radio that often, but if I do, it’s 92Q. I’m into Spotify. I love the Raveena station and Snoh Aalegra. I listen to a variety from classical to current. I love to listen to music in my home. My daughter and I love to dance, even though everyone knows I have the worst rhythm ever. My friends all know it! In my home, I can be the most free and just chill. 

Anything else you want Nashville to know?

My biggest thing for wanting to have The Clarity Shop is creating a space for people to have an outlet to do things to remove themselves from the day-to-day, getting so consumed by it. Remember the importance of making time for yourself. Self-care is a trend now, whatever that means to you. Do the thing that feeds your soul. 

Time flies so fast. Since COVID-19 changed our world, you have to take the time to be present and do the things that are important to you. You don’t know what’s happening tomorrow and time goes by so fast. I ask myself daily, Did I really do things I am passionate about? I hope people can find some relief from vibing to my playlists and buying my candles


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