Meet the Maker: Southern City Flavors Part 2

Meet the Maker: Southern City Flavors Part 2

Chillin’ and Grillin’

This post is part of a series on southern cooking with purveyor Mike Weeks of Southern City Flavors. See Part 1 and Part 3 here.

As we told you in part 1 of this series, Southern City Flavors started when Mike Weeks and some pals started bottling and selling their award-winning barbecue sauce. So, Mike knows a thing or two (or three, as this post will teach you) about smoking and grilling, the unofficial sports of summer.

Mike Weeks of Southern City Flavors for Batch

With the grandest of seasons quickly approaching, I asked Mike if he has any tips for those of us who are moving from #quarantinebaking to smoking and grilling. 

Tip Number 1: Don’t peak.

He quipped, “With the smoker: if you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’.” Keep it shut to let the heat do its thing.

Southern City Flavors BBQ sauce from Batch

Tip Number 2: Slow down.

Then he continued, “People want to rush stuff too much in the smoker or on a gas grill. People want to turn it up high. Meat will always taste better if you slow it down a bit and take your time.” If you’re in a rush, opt for another cooking method. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Tip Number 3: Wait for it.

Finally, Mike added, “Most barbecue sauces have a tomato base. If you slap it on right off the bat, it will burn. Put it on as a glaze right at the end when the meat is about three-quarters done.” 

Southern City Flavors BBQ sauce from Batch

There is a message here. Smoking and grilling are for the patient of heart. So, crack open a beer, make a mixed drink, or sip on some sweet tea, and let the fire work its magic.

And, how does Mike plan to spend Memorial Day? “Feet propped up. I do drag out the smokers, not the gas grill. I’ll put on a brisket or a Boston butt, or ribs and slow smoke them for 12-16 hours. To me, that’s real old fashioned barbecue. Typically family or friends come over, but I’m not sure about that this year.” Somehow a cookout with masks and six-foot distancing doesn’t quite have the same appeal. Like all of us, Mike will have to settle for celebrating small this year. 

But celebrate, he will—before his summer rush begins. “In the summer, I’m cranking out jam,” so Mike will take his rare day off to kick back and get back to his Southern City Flavors roots. 

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