Meet the Maker: Delly Thomas of Melted Melodies

Meet the Maker: Delly Thomas of Melted Melodies

Melted Melodies Candles are hand-poured, scented soy candles inspired by music and crafted with love by Delly Thomas. Melted Melodies is a woman- and Black-owned business established in 2021. Heather Ainsworth, Batch Director of Product and the former owner of Southern Firefly Candle Co., met Delly through Batch's partnership with Corner to Corner.

Delly Thomas of Melted Melodies

Heather says, “Connecting with Corner To Corner as a community partner has been a valuable resource to Batch. We love sharing our expertise earned by 10 years of partnering with small businesses. When we help a new product come to market, we help introduce them to a wealth of opportunities. Delly’s multi-sensory approach with Melted Melodies Candles opens up endless possibilities. Not only could the QR Code be customized to link to a song or a message from a speaker at a corporate event, these candles could be used to boost a company's product launch or help an artist release a new single.”

Working with Heather gave Delly the confidence in her candles and business model, “As a new business owner, I was a bit nervous, not having it all together. When I met Heather in person, she was so transparent and personable. She made me comfortable and she spoke to me with respect and appreciated my brand. I felt more confident in my business and thrilled to be in a relationship with Batch. I could not be happier to have met one of my goals to be a wholesale vendor.”

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Read on to find out the inspiration behind Melted Melodies, the hardest part of running a small business, and Delly's favorite gift she's given.

What is Melted Melodies and how long has it been around?

Melted Melodies Candle Co. creates musically-inspired, scented soy candles that are designed to help you enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

Sunset Serenade candle from Melted Melodies

What scents inspire you and why?

I love scents that remind me of things. Magnolia Blossom reminds me of New Orleans, where I am from…while Clean Linen always makes me feel like I did a good job cleaning.

What made you decide to start this business?

After receiving a candle for Christmas, I enjoyed it so much, I wanted more. With COVID around, I had time to figure it out and I did. Melted Melodies Candle Co was established in July 2021

How did you get connected to Corner to Corner?

I saw someone that I followed on Instagram post about their brand and how Corner to Corner helped them grow their business.

What comes first - the scent or the music?

The scent! I love smelling sample scents and deciding what song it reminds me of. But, sometimes it can go the other way around after hearing a song.

What do you like to do when you are not making candles?

I am visiting family in New Orleans or trying to grow vegetables in my garden, lol!

What is the hardest part of making candles and running your small business?

Working alone. I don’t have a business partner to bounce ideas off of or help make business decisions. My family will help me make candles when they can and sometimes even travel to Nashville to help me with vendor events.

Because we are a gift company, we always love to hear about your favorite gift - one you have given or received.

My favorite gift that I’ve given was to my sisters and mom. For Christmas I gave them all a clean linen scented candle with two pictures of them with their families on the label and named it “We Are Family” Nobody wanted to burn their candle!

Melted Melodies Candles

Anything you would like to add to give folks a better idea of what to expect when they light a Melted Melodies candle?

When you get a Melted Melodies Candle, scan the QR code on the label, to hear the song on your phone. Then, light your candle and relax in a bubble bath, sing like no one can hear you, or dance like nobody’s watching!

Batch is proud to carry two of Delly's Melted Melodies candles. Go ahead, light up your music.