Meet the Batch Team: Zach Anderson, Operations Associate

Meet the Batch Team: Zach Anderson, Operations Associate

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At Batch, we believe that committing to small businesses means caring for your neighbors. In the latest installment of our Meet the Team series, you have the good fortune of meeting Operations Associate Zach Anderson—neighbor to you, me, and anyone he meets along the way. He's the kind of team player that shows up to any task with a smile, ready to hustle, and works hard until it's done. Zach believes friendliness, personal connection, and confounding trivia questions are the foundation of his mission and our community. Do you know what 8% of all burglars have in common? Cause he does, and he can't wait for you to find out.

Zach, tell us a little about your position at Batch.

In a bygone era, I was the Assistant to the Retail Store Manager. Yes, the Robin to Caroline's Batman. These days, I'm shifting my focus away from remarkable retail, and helping my favorite crew at the warehouse. Gifts are being wrapped. Packages are being shipped. Smiles are being delivered.

Where are you originally from, and how long have you lived in Nashville?

I'm originally from Denver, Colorado, but have been in Nashville since 2012.

How long have you been working with Batch? 

Just over one year!

What's your favorite part about working for Batch?

Before the pandemic, I loved meeting customers and swapping stories. Batch has a culture that genuinely encourages these kinds of conversations, and I loved the opportunity to get to know both visitors and neighbors. I also love when Rob and Caroline let me play with social media. 

Zach Anderson

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What are your favorite items that we have at Batch?

Batch "Love" Tristar Shirt (I'm wearing it right now), Cult Crackers Classic Seed Crackers, Tortuga Rum Cake, Brittle Brothers Pecan Brittle, any Piper & Leaf tea, Bang Candy Company's Sparkle Bark

What Batch would you gift to a loved one?

If my loved ones are anything like me, they are always looking for an excuse to treat themselves! Nothing quite says "I love you when you love yourself," like a relaxing Thistle Farms Serenity Soak and a warm Nashville Blanket Project Blanket.  Then, I reckon I would generate some sweetness. Trubee Whipped Cinnamon Honey and Soberdough Apple Fritter Bread? They make my mouth water just typing about them. Finally, I'd have to throw in a True South Puzzle - who can resist an opportunity to create order out of chaos? 

Zach's Picks

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What things do you enjoy outside of work? 

Rock 'n' Roll guitar playing, political documentaries, watching Pixar movies with Mark, Pokemon training, geography studying, and making obscure Harry Potter references. Also I watched the Last Dance on Netflix, so now I'm a basketball fan.

Favorite thing to do in Nashville and why?

I love getting Swagruha at the Farmers Market, and eating it picnic-style on Capitol Hill. Wonderful view of the city, and never too crowded.

Zach Anderson

[Zach in his former role of Retail Store Assistant Manager, showcasing a Blu Pearl "Farm Girl" hat.]

Favorite band?

My favorite band is the Barenaked Ladies. Please keep the discussion civil.

Have you picked up any new hobbies, skills, or habits since Covid shut-downs began?

If anyone needs a drummer, talk to Laurence Lopez. If he can't do it, I'm your guy.

Batch Nashville at Christina Kober Studio

[Zach and Caroline, former Batch Retail Store Managers, on a visit to the studio of Nashville jeweler, Christina Kober.] 

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? 

Make Rob and Sam proud of me.

Aside from necessities, what could you not go a day without? 

Sugar. I'm not proud of it, but it's where I've landed. Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jeni's?

What about Batch excites you the most? 

I'm genuinely so excited to hang out with this team everyday. I truly think it's something I'm blessed to have found.

Any interesting facts or final thoughts? 

Did you know Shrek was the first film to win Best Animated Feature at the Oscars?

Zach Anderson Batch Nashville

[Zach working hard at Batch Nashville headquarters).]

What the team has to say about Zach:

Mark: "Zach never lets a work day go by without getting a laugh, smile, or story from every one of his coworkers. The man could befriend a potted plant."
Rob: "Fun? check! Smart? check! Caring? check! Talented? check! Hard working? check! Zach may march to the beat of his own drum, but when it comes to helping fulfill orders and exceed expectations, he grooves with our rockin' warehouse team! We are so glad that Zach works at Batch and shows up with a smile (and trivia questions and answers) each and every day."
Sam: "Zach is the man who can! He's always quick to say "YES" to a request, task, or idea and loves his Batch team! He's great to work alongside and always has a cheerful smile and outlook. He also is in a cool band with cool shirts."
Caroline: "Besides being one of my dearest friends, Zach is my longest-standing co-worker (between two different jobs over 3.5 years!) and therefore, the "dream" to my "team." He is an encourager who always seeks to highlight the positive,  beautiful, and fun in every situation. By example, he's taught me about hustle and commitment, and for that I am thankful."
Brittany: "Zach is the king of trivia. He never says no to a round or two or 5 of a "20 questions" game. Working alongside Zach has been so fun! He knows how to keep the crew awake with his games and party tricks. He is such a hard worker and he compliments each person, making everyone feel important. Zach is such a positive addition to our team! And my CO buddy :D"
Chap: "Zach's personality always makes the mood light and fun at the warehouse.  He always knows exactly the right personalized note to add our online orders forming a connection with all our customers.  Many customers tell us that his notes brought them pure joy." 

Thistle Farms

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Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Zach! We are so glad you are a part of the Batch team.

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