Ideas Welcome Here

Ideas Welcome Here

Here's my update to our entire team for Friday, March 26. I email the entire staff every Friday (and sometimes share that info here.)


It was Wallace Stegner who said, "National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst."

While I'd err on the side of bourbon as America's best idea, having been to several national parks I think Stenger is on the right track. And in a country with lots of ideas, preserving public lands is a great one.

So what is Batch's best idea? 

There's a lot we could offer for nomination there, but I'm less concerned with our best idea and more concerned with our next idea.

The beauty of ideas is that ideas beget more ideas. They're contagious. The more the better. They won't all work and we want to be smart about which ones we devote time and money to, but I hope Batch is a place where any idea to improve the company is welcome. 

Just this year we've had ideas around:

Notice a trend? Ideas with partnerships at the core have a chance to bear fast fruit.

YtD, we've sold 11 Celebration of Black Makers gifts and within 24 hours of shipment we had our first new corporate deal from the NBJ partnership. That makes me excited to give these ideas more fuel.

And so that's the process with ideas at Batch:

  • Pitch
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Measure
  • Kill/Scale

There will be no better way to grow what we're going.

Ideas welcome. 

New products this last full week of March:

And take a look at these lovely Easter gift batches

A good word 
Here's what one customer had to say about Customer Service Manager Brittany Dufaud:

Brittany offered the best, courteous, customized, prompt, friendly, professional Customer Service. Although I don't usually order things, Brittany made me feel very comfortable and offered options without delay. I was blown away with the entire experience!! I will be ordering for others again soon. Thank you Brittany!!!!! Keeping Smiling and being a Beautiful Woman. 

- Shuntelle Mason

And what two vendors said about Zach putting together a post about our female makers:

  • Thank you so much, Zach! We at EVO are extremely grateful for Batch and we thank you for taking the time to showcase women entrepreneurs that you guys continue to support! Have a great day! - Eleni
  • Thank you SO much for including me in the post! What awesome women to be included with! Appreciate you + the Batch family tons :) - alexis smith. owner, gold + ivy
Reading roundup:

Ok; that's it for this week. Enjoy your weekend. Support a small businesses somehow.

Be good to each other.