Three New Gifts to Banish Boring Burgers

Three New Gifts to Banish Boring Burgers

Time to leave your blasé burgers behind. It's Burger, Batch.  

Whether you're grillin' out or just chillin' out this Memorial Day Weekend, our three newest Batches will give you everything you need to take your burger game to the next level. 

We know what you're thinking: Where's the Beef? While these new batches may not have the whole cookout, they do have small business goodies that will impress your guests and inspire your inner foodie. You bring the basics, and we'll provide the rest. It's everything between the burger and the bun. 

Who's Your Patty?

Who's Your Patty? Batch Box

The Who's Your Patty? Batch has so many great burger toppings, we're sorry it doesn't come with a bib. While cheese, mustard, and pickles may seem borderline cliche amongst burgerphiles, these hand-crafted versions will have you falling in love with the formula all over again. And with Loveless Cafe's Corn Relish on top, you can help us invent a whole new Southern Burger to pass down for generations. Just remember who you got the idea from.  

Fig-Etta 'Bout It Set

Fig-Etta 'Bout It Set 

Now's the time to turn your backyard into a bistro. While it might not be intuitive, Loveless Cafe's Fig Preserves add the perfect touch of "sweet" to class up your burger. We compliment that sweetness with a bit of stoneground mustard so you get to flirt with sweet AND spicy. And with Jocelyn and Co.'s Camembert Cheese Spread, you'll be feeling both a little charbroiled and a little charcuterie. 

Grillin' Out

Grillin' Out Gift Set

The Grillin' Out Batch is the perfect gift for beer's biggest fan. We've got our classic Nashville Pint Glass, Soberdough Bread (just add your favorite brew!) and Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard. Beer to drink, beer to spread, beer to bake--it's all here.

We've also added a dash of barbecue to honor our favorite pitmasters (read about them here). With a nice glaze of Stark Ravin' Barbecue Sauce, we think the "Batch Barbecue Burger" will be the next diner craze, and hopefully bring us one step closer to a lifelong partnership/friendship/romance with Guy Fieri. 

You can find all three of these new batches in our Burger Collection, along with a smorgasbord of other gifts to spice up your burgers on our website. We've never tried a Goo Goo Cluster on a burger, so we can't say it's not the next culinary revolution.