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How to Write a Thank You Note

What a great problem to have, writing a thank you note means that you've received a gift. You surely deserved it and now you get to give a gift back with a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note.

Keep track of the gifts you get. Jot down who gave you what while it's still fresh in your mind so you'll be sure to thank the right loved for your new, favorite (insert item here). 

Now that you know who got you what, start with a greeting and let them know you were glad to see them or hear from them or another detail so they know your relationship is more than gift giver and gift recipient. Even if it from that second cousin who lives in Guam, play along.

After a warm greeting, get your thank on. Whether you say it directly with a "Thank you for the..." or indirectly with a story about how you needed something and when you opened the gift it was like they read your mind or at least that thought about how you needed that thing. The point is to let them know you appreciate them thinking of you and their generosity.

Let's wrap this up with a well wish or a look forward to seeing y'all. The climax of this letter was the thanks so let's roll the credits and head to the wrap party.

Oh! The most important part besides the thanks is the writing it and sending it. Set time aside the day after receiving the gift to write the thank you letter and mail it because you know what good thank you letters get (besides your mother's approval), more gifts!


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