How to Celebrate the LGBT Community During Pride Month

How to Celebrate the LGBT Community During Pride Month

Did you know that pride month began as a way to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising? It was a turning point for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender + movement. The first pride march followed in 1970, on the anniversary of the Stonewall incident. It was an opportunity for activists and the community to come together and shed light on the years of abuse while commemorating the uprising.

Over the years, the focus on the “day” evolved to include month-long events in many major cities. Here in Nashville, you can find a variety of events to celebrate pride month. What if you’re not into the parade scene or want to show your support from a business perspective? We have the answer!

Support the LGBT community by directly purchasing their goods and sharing gifts. We’ve lined up some of our favorite makers below.

LGBT Community of Makers 

Jonathan Grahm of Compartés Chocolates

Jonathan has been a part of the chocolate-making business since he was 15 years old. Thanks to growing up in the food and wine business, he honed his palate. He has a passion for taste testing and selecting only the best cocoa to create perfectly balanced chocolate.

Jonathan Grahm of Compartes Chocolate

His Drive In Movie Milk Chocolate Bar is included in our Batch Pride Gift Set. Plus, a variety of other goods that support the LGBT community like Pride Socks, a Mercantile 1858 Candle, and Pride Lip Balm.

Pride Month Gift Set

Eleni Vavouris of EVO

Chef Eleni Vavouris grew up in a large Greek family where she learned from relatives the importance of cooking. Her love of food grew so much that while working on her master’s degree studying Family Counseling, she decided to shift her focus to culinary school.

Eleni Vavouris of EVO

After launching a successful catering company, EV Originals followed as a way to offer her clients a taste of her food outside of catering. Share one of these delicious salsas by giving the Bourbon Gift Set.

Matthew Bretherick of Mercantile 1858 

Matthew has a long line of experience working in retail. He worked as an Area Sales Manager for Shi by Journeys before eventually starting his own small business, Mercantile 1858, a home décor and gift shop.

Matthew Bretherick of Mercantile 1858

Matthew has a keen eye for selecting only the best vintage, new, and locally made goods. The flagship location is in Arrington, TN. He expanded and opened a second shop in Franklin, TN.

A Cocoa + Mint Mercantile 1858 Candle is included in the Mint To Be Gift Set. Don’t miss this set that is packed with a Hydra Shower Steam Burst (another LGBT+ maker), Little Seed Farm Rosemary Soap, and more.

Ready to start showing your support? Share these gifts with your clients and employees before it’s too late. If you’re looking for customization, feel free to find us here. Happy Pride Month!