How to Celebrate Easter From a Distance

How to Celebrate Easter From a Distance

6 New Traditions for Easter

Whether your Easter traditions include a neighborhood-wide egg hunt, or family potluck feasts, it is safe to say that we are all having to adjust our traditions for the current circumstances in the world. Easter 2020 may look a little different from all your past Easters, which means it is a fantastic time to start a new tradition!  Here are some of our favorite ways to add to the Easter celebration. (Bonus: they are all social-distance-friendly)

How to Celebrate Easter From a Distance: 6 New Traditions for Easter

1. Decorate

Since eggs are harder to find in most grocery stores these days, try your hand at some new Easter decorations. 

 Sweet Everyday Musings Felt Ball Six-Foot Garland in Spring Fling

We love this Felt Ball 6’ Garland in Spring Fling from Sweet Everyday Musings!  Feeling crafty? Check out our Easter 2020 Board on Pinterest for some crafts we cannot wait to try.

2. Bake

What is Easter without a fruit-themed dessert? Add some spring cheer to your menu by making a Blackberry Cobbler for dessert. 

 Southern City Flavors Blackberry Cobbler Kit

If baking something from scratch feels intimidating, or if you want the ingredients shipped directly to your door, no worries! Southern City Flavors Blackberry Cobbler Kit is the easiest way to make a cobbler, with clear instructions, a jar of filling, and a mix for the cobbler topping.  Not to mention, it will be the best cobbler you have ever tasted.

3. Make

Stick with the berry theme and make a Blackberry Margarita for your stay-at-home celebration!  You can find the recipe here 

Need something fun for the kids to drink too?  Blend up any berries you have on hand, along with a frozen banana, and a splash of your favorite juice, milk, or water.  They will feel extra fancy if you put a lime on their rim, too!

4. Send

Let your loved ones know you are missing them during the Easter holiday by sending them a box of Easter goodies!  For the kiddos, send a bag of Lil Goos and a Sweet Everyday Musings Wooden Slingshot with our Lil Kids Easter Gift Batch.

 Lil Kids Easter Batch including Sweet Everyday Musings Wooden Slingshot and Lil Goos

If you love putting together an Easter basket full of sweets, send our Easter Treats Gift Batch!  With Shotwell Candy Co. Original Salted Caramels, a Tempered Chocolate Dark Chocolate Candy Bar, and The Shortbread Shop Lavender Shortbread, this box is sure to make their mouths water.

5. Play

When you send a gift batch to your favorite Little Ones, don’t forget to give Mom or Dad a heads up! Ask them to hide the gift when it arrives, so that you can have the joy of watching them find it Easter-egg-hunt style via video chat. 

6. Call

Holidays are a great, natural reminder to let the ones we love know that we care about them. Chances are pretty high that you and your family (or chosen family) have had to spend some time apart recently.  No matter how you do it, use Easter as an excuse to let them know that they are near and dear to your heart.

Tuesday, April 7 is your last chance to send a gift in time for Easter!
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