Kelly Allen of Nomad Candles & Co. from Batch

Here’s Your Must See and Do List from a Charlotte Local

Kelly Allen is the head nomad at Nomad Candles & Co., which is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. She believes you should be able to feel at home wherever you are, so she created a line of candles to bring peaceful and healthy scents with you in your travels. (Every ingredient in Nomad Candles & Co. candles is vegan, chemical free, and non-gmo.) To make you feel at home the next time you visit her home, she has shared her best recommendations for eating, drinking, and sight-seeing. Now, you’ll know exactly where to go next time you’re in Charlotte.

Read on to learn more about Kelly Allen’s favorite spots in Charlotte, North Carolina!

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Where do you take out of towners? 

If it’s a classy evening, we’re going to Farenheight, a rooftop bar with amazing views of the city. I love tacos, and I’m pretty picky about them. So, if it’s a more chill night, SouthBound in South End or Cabo Fish Taco in Noda is definitely a go-to. 

What’s one place to eat that no one outside of your city knows about, but everyone inside your city loves? 

Ok, so there is a food truck called “Papi Queso” that EVERYONE who is anyone knows about. They sell the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches EVER. Especially the one with bacon. *drool* I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. 

What food or drink would be worth waiting in line for? 

A steak from Del Frisco’s.

Where is the best place to get a cocktail in Charlotte? 

We have tons of rooftop bars in Charlotte, so that’s a plus. Merchant & Trade is a great spot for unique cocktails and spacious for a big group of friends. 

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Where do you go to celebrate a special occasion in your city? 

My fave place to have a birthday is at Superica—they have AMAZING margaritas and the tex mex food is yummy!

What is your favorite hidden gem to recommend to your out-of-town guests? 

I love taking our friends to Topgolf. Fun activity for groups. 

Where is your favorite place to exercise in Charlotte? 

I love the White Water many activities to do ranging from rafting to paddle boarding on the lake. Lake Norman is also a great place for all sorts of water activities. 

What is your favorite place to take kids? 

Great Wolf’s an indoor water park & hotel!

Best place to karaoke? 

Howl at the Moon at the Epicentre

Where is the best art in town? 

NoDa is the art area of Charlotte. It’s a cute little area that does art festivals and has creative shops. Also has great food. 

Charlotte Nomad Candles and Co. from Batch

Where is the best place to go to get a good view of Charlotte?

I love the South End area of Charlotte. They just opened up a new restaurant called Indaco that, if you are sitting on the patio, has the perfect sunset view. It is a great area where a lot of couples and their cute pups walk around, exercise, eat, and shop. I love that area, and I could spend all day people watching.  

What is your favorite park in your city or within an hour’s drive? 

Freedom park is large and very popular, especially for photo-taking. But if you want a cool view of the city skyline, Romare Bearden Park is a great place to have a picnic or bring your dog. Right behind it is a bunch of great restaurants to eat at or grab a drink when you are done. 

What is missing from your city?

I always thought it’d be cool to have a huge city park like NYC, and it turns out, they are in the process of creating one! So exciting! 

And one more question about being a small business owner…

What’s it been like to keep on making during a global pandemic? 

Sales have definitely slowed down, but that only made me want to learn how to continue innovating and learning how to grow my business in any situation. It’s helped me to grow as a small business owner and in my confidence. Honestly, it's been more positive than negative, but it's all about your attitude and how you take action. I have released a new website with a couple new products, and am very excited for the amazing partnerships with other companies (like Batch!) that help in taking our company to the next level. 

Kelly Allen of Nomad Candles & Co. from Batch

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