Real Great Gifts for Your Virtual Events

Real Great Gifts for Your Virtual Events

The event may be virtual, but the impact you make when you shop with Batch is real

Virtual events suck. Well, they used to suck that is. These days it's a real predicament finding how to take the communal experience of a large corporate gathering, and transform it into someone's living room. How do we find a sense of community when we're socially distanced? Some of us haven't even seen our coworkers in over a year. 

That's where we come in. Meaningful gifts matter more now than ever. To us, "meaningful" means sourcing gifts from small businesses, not from Amazon. It means personalizing your message. It means making a "corporate event gift" your own corporate event experience

Here's an example: WETA (Greater Washington Educational Television Association) contacted us about helping out with their Bonfire Cocktail Break 2021, an annual conference forced virtual for another year. The broadcasting subsidiary of PBS, which focuses on classical music programming, needed 120 boxes for their participants and needed them delivered by September 29th.  

For the virtual event, WETA selected to add these small business products:

Then, WETA added:

  • Custom WETA Cocktail Stirrers 
  • Customized Insert, printed with exclusive QR Code for the event

Altogether, the corporate virtual event gift box looked like this:

WETA Gift box with Ivory Crinkle and Local Products

Finally, WETA upgraded their gift with stylish gift ribbon and a custom stamp (FREE if you get in touch with us by the end of October). Their stellar corporate gift looked like this:

Weta Batch Box Gift Ribbon

[ We selected colors based on the company's logo, but the standard for the holidays will be a festive red, white, and ivory ]

All of these beautiful boxes arrived on time for WETA's virtual event on the 29th. And we were happy to help out a station that still celebrates the classics. 

And now a word from our sponsors: it's not too late to make your holiday gift a symphony of small business selections. Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on your perfect corporate, event, or holiday gift.