Send that Thank You - They'll be "Ecstatic"

Send that Thank You - They'll be "Ecstatic"

We are big fans of sending thank you gifts with handwritten notes. That's pretty much the foundation of our business because we believe gratitude is an important part of relationships.

We were pleased to see this New York Times article about the results of a study in the growing field of gratitude research, published last month in the journal Psychological Science. It turns out that recipients of gratitude letters (sample letters included missives of appreciation to fellow students and friends who offered guidance through the college admissions process, job searches and tough times) said they were “ecstatic” when they read the letter. Along with underestimating the value of sending a note to another person, many senders seemed to be concerned with how much their writing would be scrutinized.

Thank you letter

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Instead of holding back because you don't think someone will appreciate your thanks or because you don't know what to say, send a thank you letter (and put it inside a gift).