Gluten Free Gifts That Make Gluten-less Gifting Easy

Gluten Free Gifts That Make Gluten-less Gifting Easy

Gluten free gift baskets just got easier.  Now is the time to embrace intolerants. 

Batch is proud to offer a variety of great small business products that are safe for folks with gluten allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. While deciding which gluten free gifts to send can sometimes feel like a riddle, Batch is here to supply you with gifts that support small businesses AND honor dietary restrictions. This stuff is so good, you'll be asking yourself "who needs gluten, anyway?", that is, if they're willing to share.

"Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. Gluten can be found in many types of foods, even ones that would not be expected." - Celiac Disease Foundation

Start with our Gluten Free Snacks Gift Set ...

Batch Gluten Free Snacks Gift Set

The no-brainer solution to the question: "what do I get my sweet, gluten-intolerant mother?" Well, we created a Batch that features some of our favorite munchies that just happen to be gluten free, without sacrificing any of the flavor. This Batch also works great for anyone who is looking for guilt-free healthy snacking. 

... Or create a gluten free gift box of your own with these 7 gluten free gift ideas from small businesses across America. 

1. Craize Crackers

Craize Everything Crackers

We tried these crackers when they first arrived, and just like the bag says, we haven't looked at a tortilla chip the same way since. Crispy, savory, and deceptively light, these crackers are inspired by a culturally significant Latin American food, brought to the US by Venezuelan native and Craize founder, Leo Cotter. They are vegan, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free... how many ways can we say your body will thank you for eating them?

2. Wide Open Foods Anything Sauce

Wide Open Foods Anything Sauce

Pork chops? Check. Vegetables? Check. Ice cream? ... err... check?

Wide Open Foods's Darn Good Anything Sauce is ready to compliment any and every dish. Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free, no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG. It's just darn good. Like the name suggests, this savory tomato-based sauce is ready for anyone you may be shopping for, and after one taste, they won't want to leave home without it. 

3. Altitude Snacks Mountain Magic Trail Mix

Altitude Snacks Mountain Magic Trail Mix

There's something special about a snack that gets all of its sweetness naturally. Altitude Snacks's Mountain Magic Trail Mix is something special-- it's packed with dried pineapple, crisp Fuji apples, and plump raisins, so there's no need to add any sugar to give it it's sweetness. It's the perfect way to say "take a hike", but you know, in a good way.  

4. Cornucopia Birthday Cake Popcorn

Cornucopia Birthday Cake Popcorn

Waaaaiit a minute... this bag says "Birthday Cake" on it, which can't possibly be gluten free! Well, that's where you're wrong. Cornucopia's Birthday Cake Popcorn is 100% organic, non-GMO, and of course, gluten free. This delightfully decadent popcorn is drizzled with a creamy glaze of white chocolate, and dusted with rainbow funfetti sprinkles. Finally, we can invite our gluten free friends to have their cake and eat it, too.  

"Just because you can't get them gluten doesn't mean you can't get them a memorable gift." - Us

5. Little Seed Farm Farmstead Milk Soap  

Little Seed Farm Goat's Milk Soap Oat

If you're looking for a bath or body gift that's certified gluten free, Little Seed Farm is a great place to start. While the majority of Batch's bath products are made without gluten, Little Seed Farm is worth talking about for their inspiring efforts to put sustainability at the center of their business (read our blog post about it!). Almost all of their bath products are naturally gluten free (with the exception of a few of their beer-based bar soaps), so you can ethically shop without worrying about any contact allergens.  

6. White's Elixirs Handmade Drink Mixers

White's Old Fashioned Drink Mixer

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, and that somewhere could be at their favorite bar, OR right in the comfort of their own kitchen. All 10 of Brad White's ridiculously refreshing cocktail mixers are certified gluten free, so no matter which flavor you choose, you know they can sip and stir, worry-free. 

7. Piper and Leaf Healing Honeysuckle Muslin Sachet

Piper and Leaf Healing Honeysuckle Tea Sachet

Flower Power ﹥ Flour Power. Based out of Hunstville, Alabama, Piper and Leaf's Healing Honeysuckle tea is southern sipping at its finest, an aromatic herbal blend that invites you to unwind and center yourself. This tea is all-natural and authentic. Try gifting with some Tennessee Artisan Mountain Honey for a delightfully honest sweetness that the gluten-free and gluten-full can enjoy. It's so good, it'll turn afternoon tea into a certified tea party. 

Batch has fantastic small business gifts for everyone on your list, whether they're Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, or just proud to be an American, where at least they know they're free. Contact our gift concierge,, for help, or try searching for your specific dietary needs on