Gifts that Give Back Make an Impact

Gifts that Give Back Make an Impact

In the past two years, the importance of social issues has taken the spotlight. This concept has continued to carry forward into consumer behaviors. Gifts that give back impact the mission they support and empower the consumer.

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important?

Today many consumers expect more from a brand than simply a product. They are looking for brands that are authentic, sustainable, and responsible in all of their actions. According to a Havas Media Group study, there has been a 10-point lift from 2019, stating that 64% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand with a purpose. More than half are willing to go further and pay more for a brand that takes a stand, up to 53% of people.

Not only do brands need to serve functionality and personal desires, but they need to have a meaningful impact on the environment, people, or community. It even applies to people choosing a company for employment. Six in ten employees are more likely to research what their company is doing to be responsible.

How Social Responsibility Makes An Impact

Consumers are also skeptical about whether a brand will deliver on its claims. It’s important to be mindful and carry social initiatives throughout an organization while being realistic.

For example, Pepsi pulled an ad starring Kendall Jenner after 24 hours due to poor social responsibility. It was based on the concept of giving a police officer a soda which would in turn ease police brutality. Many felt it was tone-deaf and simply passing a soda to a police officer was not solving the issue. Consumers were looking for more to be done if this was an attempt at getting involved. 

A better example might be when Verizon partnered with Makers, a media brand focused on equity in the workplace. The “Inspire Her Mind” ad was to inspire more girls to STEM fields. It included facts and created a narrative around how girls can be easily dissuaded. By partnering with the right organization, the ad came across as genuine and brought awareness to a relevant issue.

Another great example is TOMS. One of the first brands to spearhead the concept of buy one, give one. They garnered huge success in their early days and have impacted over 100 million lives through shoes and other resources.

Share Your Values Through Gifts

When it comes time to celebrate milestones, holidays, or even reach new clients, gifting with a purpose can be a great way to show your company values. Consumers and employees are taking note of your social responsibility efforts. Show them what you are made of!

Pride Gift Set

One example could be honoring and supporting pride month in June with a Pride Gift Set. Many of the items are owned by or support LGBTQ+. Another example could be sharing the Make An Impact gift set. This gift covers a variety of social concerns, including donating to shelters, special needs, and empowering women. Want to make more of an impact? Add a donation to any of these causes to take the gift to the next level.

Does this feel overwhelming? We are here to help and can find the perfect gift to make an impact with your team or clientele. Gifts that give back are important to us as well. That’s why we are giving back a portion of each sale to Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee.