Gifts for Your Boss (that may win you employee of the year)

Gifts for Your Boss (that may win you employee of the year)

Bosses are people, too, and they love to get gifts just like people do. With all that is going on, this is a great year to step up your gift-giving game to make sure that your boss knows how much they are appreciated. To make it easy to find a gift that will knock their socks off (do you think they are wearing socks in their Zoom meetings?), we found gifts to fit every type of boss in every price range. 

Goldilocks Gifts — Not Too Pricey, Not Too Cheap


Mental Strength Gift Set


Big Spender, Big Promotion — Spending a Little Extra Goes a Long Way

  • If they have a good boy or girl at home, treat that doggo to some treats every month. Remember - one way to impress the boss is to send something lovely to those they love (humans or pets). While you are at it, send a link to these experts tip on How To Train A Puppy to make the most of their time with their best friend.
  • No matter where they’re from (or where they’ve loved going, $100 to Goldbelly can help them bring hometown tastes to their doorstep)
  • If they’re the type who takes forever to finish their coffee, prevent trips to the microwave for them with this temperature control mug

Stuff their stocking — (fun, small gifts that show you’re thinking about them, but not full overdoing it. Leave that to Brayden from accounting)

1010 Original Ice Cream Scoop
And for the boss you hate, here’s a 1000-piece all white puzzle.