Getting Our Mule On with White's Elixirs

Getting Our Mule On with White's Elixirs

We've been slinging the good stuff (simple syrups) that White's Elixirs has been crafting nearly since we opened the doors here at Batch. So it's super exciting to share their new line: the Moscow Mule Mix.

Moscow Mule Mix from White's Elixirs | made in Nashville, TN

We had a chance to chat with Brad White, founder, to get his take on the new product, as well as where we're going for a tasty cocktail in Nashville (his treat). 

Batch: How and why did you start making White's Elixirs? What was the Aha! moment?
Brad: I'm a huge craft cocktail fan. One night about a year ago, I was at Patterson House and had a drink that called for Saigon cinnamon syrup. So, my brother (Kyle White) and I did some experimenting and research and pulled it off.

Then, friends and family started using our new syrup for coffee, hot tea, different foods - all kinds of stuff. We thought we might be onto something and decided to sell it. Then Batch Nashville wanted 1200 bottles!

Batch: Tell us about your new Moscow Mule mixer.
Brad: It's super simple. It combines great tasting fresh ginger and lime juice. All you need is club soda, ice, and vodka and you've got a killer Moscow Mule cocktail ready to drink down. 

Batch: Why have you decided to live/work/play in Nashville? What do you love about this city?
Brad: We were born and raised here. We feel like we've grown up with the city. It would be hard to live anywhere else. The selection of bars and restaurants is amazing. We truly have some incredible innovators here, really on par with some of the best drinks I've had in other cocktail Meccas, like NYC and DC.

Batch: Let's say it's Friday afternoon and we're wrapping up work. Where are you taking the Batch team out for cocktails?
Brad: I think we'd have to start somewhere like Pinewood Social, then maybe finish up the night at a more boisterous venue, maybe 308 or South.

Sounds good to us. 

Be sure to snag the new Moscow Mule Mix for your home bar by clicking here.